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people are so stupid. ive heard so many people already mocking will when they know damn well that is was a missinterpretation. they just want to start trouble, that all people ever want to do (and i dont mean will) and as for talking about issues like this, will is an artist and thats what artist do one way or another...

as for that tom cruise remark, i met him and talked to him once for a few hours... he is a really nice guy just like will. so nobody should be so quick to judge will, tom, or any other celebrity because the fact of the matter is you dont know any of them.

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I'm blaming Will.

Even though he hasn't said anything wrong, and is 100% correct,

he shouldn't have talked about controversial stuff (politics, scientology, religion) in the media when you know the consequences. And I hope he doesn't talk about it ever again. The media has been waiting from day 1 to bite on Will's words.

There's nothing to blame Will...He was right, but only with one part...Everybody is basically good...


Nothin' But Love


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