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Silver Tiger

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I wanna know why bart is the most popular member of the forum with over 3000 profile views

haha I really don't know why either. I was just as surprised myself as you. Why would I waste my time looking at my own profile...only some pathetic people would just do that to get the most profile views. I don't do that in case anyone coughChriscough is wondering. Hell no this ain't no cult thing either. Don't let my popularity get you down Chris haha.

Regarding the bart5, I would change my username on here if I could, but I don't think I'm able to (anymore). My nickname is really Quality, so I would have changed it to that if I could have. The reason why I originally used the # 5 is because it is my basketball # on my jersey.

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Ale - don't know much about you, please enlighten me!

Big Ben - likes to write

Big Willie - Big Willie, Summertime and I used to patrol the WS.com message boards like crazy!

bigted - amazing poet

Bob - likes Kanye West

Cyrano - from Spain!

Da Brakes - is going to be a star sometime soon

DefCEM - had a picture taken with Jeff!

DevilsJim89 - an original JJFP forum member!

fan 4ever - I remember he did a track with FuQ called "Contact Time", still have it on my iPod!

Fresh:Dane - should start posting more!

gosia- also an original member who should post more!

Hero1 - the king

JumpinJack AJ - never downloads!

kbfprince - me

KevTastic - is a filmmaker

Lhunagar - active member

Luigie - a really nice guy

MaxFly - easy-going guy. NBA fan!

MissAshley - updates us on Will's TV appearances

Radewart - provides us with a lot of movie news

Sandy - got will to sign his I Am Legend poster!

Schnazz - won many forum rap battles

Silver Tiger - i really enjoy his tracks.

TheFre$hPrince - awesome-o member from Germany

Typhoon20 - NBA fan! i think he participated in one or more of the JJFP fantasy leagues

viber_91 - born in 91!

willandjada - also updates us on a lot of Will&Jada related stuff!

So apparently i don't remember much about JJFP members. :susel[1]:

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Hey Tim!

I've kinda been busy with school, it's my senior year so i've been pretty busy (or should be busy- been procrastinating and staying up to make up the work..) Just realized that it's 2008, I graduate later this year! Definitely not mentally ready at all! :fencing:

I think we should start recruiting people back into this place, I think they've all drifted off like I did :wiggle:

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