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I recently found out that Brand Nubian dropped a new album. I finally picked it up 2day. It features Grand Puba, Lord Jamar, Sadat X, and Alamo. This is an instant classic. For get all the other albums released recently. This is the truth. Their flow and lyrics are consistantly on point (as they've always been) and ever beat is dope. Half of them some of the best beats off the 2000's. "Girls, Girls, Girls" is one of my top favs. Just a classic beat and a laidback flow. "Scientists of Sound" is another fav with a heavy urban thump and some DJ'd vocal samples tossed in the mix. The title track is another one that just makes u nod your head. The vocals clearly take the spot light of song, but the guitars underlying it are classic. "Once Again" reminds me of something i'd vibe with back in the mid-90's...just noddin' my head while sitting on the busted sofa in the basement...no TV, no talking 2 friends...just vibin' with the music. The song just takes me there. "I Wanna Hear It" reminds me of something Q-Tip and Phife would rhyme over between '94 and '98. "A Child Is Born" follows it up with another timeless Hip-Hop sound. "Somebody Told A Lie" has a strong soulful R-N-B vibe but with classic BN lyrics.

Any lover of true Hip-Hop will LOVE this album. There's hints of the 80's...a strong 90's vibe, but it's all straight Hip-Hop for the year 2007. Turn off the Kanye's and Jay-Z's...this is the only album that competes with Jazzy's album for the best Hip-Hop album of the year...or Guru's new Jazzmatazz.

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This is an older album that is just now getting released. It was actually made near the time of "Foundation" but shelved. The album's ok and Brand Nubian is still possibly my favorite group. However, the beats were pretty lousy and can get a little boring if you're not in the right mood for it. There are some dope songs, but not a lot of energy was brought to the table here. It is funny how there's a "Girls, Girls, Girls" on here that Jay-Z would bite the hook for like 3 years later. LOL, that ol' bitin' Jay-Z!

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