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rating the tracks!


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this is how i rated traxs off BWS/willennium n code red ..from a few years ago....

Y'all Know - 4
The beats a bit slow and the bragging becomes a bit tiresome..if he does this sort of track he needs to speed it up a la im all that n im comin..lyrics pretty weak..chorus reasonable annoying..chorus goes on way 2 long at the end..i liked the beat boxing though dope..

Getting' Jiggy Wit It – 7
Tight beat nice scratching..great rap..dope lyrics..dare you to not dance to this one..

Corny lyrics..nice flow though..larry blackmon vocals okay..towards the end of the song it becomes annoying
Chasing Forever - 6
Reasonable beat..nice lyrics..nice chorus

Don't Say Nothin' - 7
Dope beat..nice lyrics..definitely gives it to the haters..great background vocals on this..disappointing when will gets off track and just starts goin on abt how good he is though..nice scratching!

Miami - 6
Nice beat..but nowhere as good as the original..good topic n lyrics

Yes Yes Y'all - 4
Does not make the most of camp lo..average beat..not great flow..not great lyrics..another annoying chorus that does not stand up to repeated listens..again the last minute of just repeated chorus is too much

I Loved You-8
Starts off to a fiery start..with wills lyrics comin straight in..dope beat..excellent chorus/singing..change up the usual format of verse chorus verse chorus. Real feeling in wills voice which is lacking from many other rappers..big will feels more like fresh prince on this track..nice lyrics, nice flow

It's All Good - 8
The classic ol skool sample..dope lyrics.. excellent 1st verse!..good scratching..best chorus of big willie style..great when the female vocals come in..excellent scratching needs to be turne up louder though..great end to the track..pump this 1 loud

Just The Two of Us - 7
Nice beat..nice lyrics..good vocals..excellent chorus..good topic

Big Willie Style - 6
Pretty good bouncy beat..very much the current sound of the time..reasonable lyrics..another very annoying chorus..nice tempo to the track..left eye with a nice rap

Men In Black – 6.5
Nice chorus..nice beat..nice rap


I'm Comin' – 7.5
Great beat ..good use of sample..excellent rap from will..high energy..chorus pretty simple but it works..nice use of “ooohhsss”..excellent album opener..lyrics are a real highlight here

Will 2K – 4.5
Pretty much a throwaway millennium anthem..lyrics..rap..sample kinda tired..not bad chorus..but this track does not last at all
Freakin It - 3
One of the most overused samples..extremely annoying chorus..very repetitive..and the bragging rap is not memorable..in stark contrast to im comin
Da Butta - 4
Average beat n loop..horrible chorus..not wills greatest rap..reasonable 1st rap from lil kim..the song then degenerates..thank god it only lasts 2:58

La Fiesta - 7
Nice tito puente sample..that ol skool kinda chorus..nice fast rap..a fun party track..cool funny lyrics definitely sum energy in this track
Who Am I – 7.5
nice darkchild beat…excellent rap/lyrics from will..fantastic change up during wills verse..”with the strength to say gangsta rap was wack” good chorus from tatyana ali and great rap from mc lyte
Afro Angel- 6.5
good beat..nice 1st verse..good message..not really feeling the story..this tracks trying too hard to be something..but I feel the attempt
So Fresh - 7
pretty good beat..excellent scratching..great ol skool verse from fresh prince..nice contributions from biz markie and slick rick..the song just feels ol skool..
Pump Me Up - 8
classic jjfp track..jeff scratches up a storm great verse from will “back 4 the addict the fanatic the hype fan” great cuttin in of samples with wills rap
Can You Feel Me? - 7
Nice party dance in the club type track..good rap from will good chorus..excellent rap from eve..and dope use of the bass line…great by-play between will and eve(unlike lil kim)..nice rnb vocals
Potnas – 10
Excellent track..excellent topic/subject/message..great chorus..lovely use of orchestra/strings..great sort of electronic type of beat..good to hear vocals from jeff..nice rap delivery from will “jazzy we got a bond like we was in vietnam (word up)” the track really builds momentum..and to a climax in the final verse.. the delivery and response (uh ha) really works
Interlude – 10
Dope hard hitting beat..excellent rap from will..dope flow..nice fresh prince –esk story (code red, ol skool jjfp) delivery of the rap shows definite skills
No More – 8
Nice use of phone in the beginning..very nice beat..emotional song from will..u can feel the sadness in his voice..great chorus..good rap..excellent lyrics
Uuhhh - 8
Killer beat..nice scratching..nice bouncy beat fantastic rap from will..very clever lyrics and good 1 liners..and the same for kel spencers verse
Wild Wild West - 7
Good beat..very catchy song ”wills done did it again”
The Rain – 10
Excellent sound efx..good concept..great chorus and singing from jill scott..very heart felt and dope rap from will..great story great music..fantastic when kids come in at the end

Code Red

Somethin like dis- 10
Killer ol skool/new skool party track..dope chorus .. dope scratching..great back n forth by fresh prince and jazzy jeff..horns are great…brilliant rap and brilliant delivery..displaying fps emcee skills
I’m looking for the one – 9
Dope beat..lovely chorus/vocals..another great rap from fp..excellent vibe on this track..feel good and chill
Boom! Shake the room – 7
Very pop-rap track..reasonable rap..works as it what it was supposed to be..dance room filler..pretty good beat
Cant wait to be with you – 7.5
Another great rnb/rap FP track..nice chorus good beat..and excellent raps from the fresh prince
Twinkle twinkle – 10
Awesome beat..great chorus.. excellent topic/message..fantastic rap/lyrics from fresh prince..good story telling..and example of what it was like being FP in 93..nice insight..great concept pulled of perfectly
Code Red – 9
Blaring beat! Sort of hardcore with a classic ol skool fresh prince rhyme..funny story.. great rap luv the chorus (mayday mayday)
Shadow dreams - 8
Excellent production..nice attempt from fp to get a little serious for a minute..good message..good lyrics

Jus kickin it – 9.5
Fantastic beat!! The best rnb vocals on a jjfp track..and what a fantastic rap from FP..great lyrics…yep my head is boppin..awesome stuff
Ain’t no place like home – 9
Great beat..great chorus/slick rick sample…another great rap from FP/insight into what its like when hes on tour..fantastic production
I Wanna Rock – 10
Classic jjfp track with a new skool flava ..drums and keyboard..fantastic scratching..fantastic rap..this is one of the best DJ tracks ever
Scream – 8
Classic call and response..dope beat..and more great rap and lyrics from FP..with JJ backin him up on the vocals
Boom! Shake the room (street remix) – 9
Unbelievable remix of boom! Totally transforms it!
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Will 2k 4.5........ No man!! ok, it isn't the best will's work, but will 2k is brilliant!!! and I think y'all know is ok.. I agree with u about I WANNA ROCK.... Too much good stuff in that song... My favourite jjfp!!! :rock:
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the way i rated them was compared to wills other traxs..so i thought will2k was a 4 if the rain was a 10..

but yeah i agree chasing forever is good..but the problem is trackmasterz completely jacked a great stevie wonder song.. in fact in all of big willie style trackmasterz just take classic songs from the 80s..and completely rip em off..the originals sound better..and trackmasterz add nothing to them..no originality or anything
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[quote=Da Brakes,Aug 22 2004, 03:55 AM]I think I'm gonna make a CD of all the samples used on the album and aftre each one put the BWS track it relates to!![/quote]
ive already done it :kekeke: actually i sent AJ a copy :thumb: the original of miami kicks miamis ass! ..and the beat goes on....
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