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Well it turns out that this Ship life isn't for me, and after nearly 6 weeks away i'll be returning home this coming Monday.

So Brakes, Bedford ain't that far from me and i could well be up for going to this show. I'll keep you posted when i am back in the UK early next week. Be good to finally get a JJFP.com meet-up

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Yep things didn't work out. Ship life is a very strange a disturbing life to live and i didn't like what it was changing me into. It was like being back at school as far as cliques go and a prison in that you just couldn't get away from anything. The video side of things was okay, its just very hard to go through bad times when alll your friends and family are 1000's of miles away.

Strangely enough i flew back today and i am feeling highly postive and motivated about my future now. I have took only the good things from my experience and now i am moving forward. Wish me luck.

Brakes - I see no reason why i can't get to this show. I live a 20 minute train journey from Bedford. I'll be in touch soon dude.

Thanks for the support everyone, i have now officially returned. I'll have some pics up soon.

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Looks like me and Brakes are on for a Brit JJFP.com hook-up at the show. Got my pal Mario coming aswell, one of the dudes who caught Jeff with me back in April. He owns both of Jeff's solo albums so he's worthy :P

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Generally was a good night. Got to meet Brakes which was awesome (cheers again for the lift home dude).

Jeff's set was a short one as he was running a tad late (nothing new there then lol), and had to finish at 1am and immediately go to catch a flight. We didn't get to speak to him this time round but shared words with Darnell and Skillz which was cool. Apparently they are back in a couple of weeks for some festival dates.

We also got to hear what we were guessing was the new remix of summertime. Its pretty slick with new beats and remastered sounds from the original. Gives it a modern feel without taking too much away from the original, you'll enjoy it i think.

Good night overall, and Jeff's set was solid as always, just a shame they all had to shoot off in such a hurry.

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