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New Murs - "Dreadlocks"


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I dont think you understand how I was there supporting murs when like 100 people knew abt him haha.. its funny the music he made back then rallied against the kind of stuff he's making now.. "verse, chorus, verse, chorus" he used to mock.. i'm looking forward to hearing the kwame tracks that should be interesting

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what was his style like then? cause its pretty typical of verse chorus verse, i dont see why he would mock it.

and tim, you seemed to support alot of mcs back in the day when they were first coming up, thats cool

but for the track....that sounds so commercial... i dont really like it, i hope the whole album isnt like that

EDIT: i dont like it. i want my murs back

and the played on the site says it was produced by kid rock... if so, this is worse than i thought

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Murs: The beats are different. Maybe you can dance to them or maybe they'll play it on the radio, but I'm never changing what I'm talking about. People used to say that I spit gangstar raps just over underground beats, so now that I got the gangster beats, my whole album is about peace and love. There's so much negativity, so all I wanna talk about is peace, love and respect. There's enough people doing gangster rap. The kids need something different.

I hear he's got a new album with 9th Wonder coming out this year, too...And Hyphy is all about having fun. That's what he's doin. It's a fun track...I like it.

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heres some murs rules the world tracks..




none of these tracks have names..the album came with a pen and you wrote in your own track names ha.. i called em way tight, 24/7 and in the zone

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