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Go Warriors!


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8th seeded Warriors are about to upset the 1st seeded Mavs and win the first round series...

Now I may be a Portland Blazers fan, but I live in the Bay, so I like Golden State too, and this is amazing. I love this...GO WARRIORS!!

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j/k i may be a big fan but i'm not one of those immature over confident fans that thinks they are gonna win the finals just because they're playing good. just to make history like that and win a round in the playoffs is a huge accomplishment. i think they can make it out of the second round if they play well, but if they don't i wont be mad unless they don't give it all they got.

the thing that amazes me is how such a young team comes out every night and plays so fricken hard without letting anything stomp on their confidence. thats the mark of champions.... well i can hope cant i?

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