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Here it is, since the album wont be the same over the internet then giving out a physical cd (thats what i mean). I will include all album art with the album, even the book pages. So please, for goodness sakes, enjoy and give feedback... ive worked countless hours on this. Denied parties for this... this is my first album.

Concept- Neutral Ground

I Hope that works

p.s. my parents helped me with a legal thing so if any of this is plagurized we can do something about it :bat:

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just checked it out, and first i wanna say congrats cos u were capable of makin ya own beats n wrote almost everything by yaself, second the production aint one of the best i've heard honestly, but u gettin there man, i still enjoyed the lyrics, the whole package was decent for a first album, keep it up man!

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Review: (sorry, been gone on vacation so I couldn't review until now)

Where I Stand - Dope Intro. I like the mixing of all the lines with the word "Concept" in it. Lyrics are very good. The beat is alright, needs a little change up in it though.

Percipitation - Reminds me a little of "Quiet Storm" from Mobb Deep. Dope verses, fits the beat well.

Stop the Clock - I like the message of this song. Shows some determination to succeed. Honestly the beat didn't do your words justice though.

Coppa - Nice, fast flow. At times you sounded like you rushed to finish your sentence though. Nice use of a sample, but the beat wasn't very good. My advice, try to stay away from the 808 claps.

Like a Little Kid - Good message. Playful beat, and lyrics. Nice job.

Apocolypse Now - Rhymes are nice. The beat still needs a little work buts its alright.

Planet Earth - Postive message, good idea rap about something different.

Complete Anatomy - Dope lyrics. "Its all from the heart, and its all unheard." - I like that line. The guest spot ft. Matt was nice, but his verse was a little hard to hear.

2050 - I can tell you spent some time working on this. I think that your ideas are one point. Good warnings about things that need to change in the world. Nice.

The Concept Effect - Definitely an album highlight. Lyrics are tight.

Blind - Finally a song that I can hear without listening really closely haha ;) This track is cool. The beat works well with this. Postive message is definitely on point. I can see your Will Smith influence on this (Tell Me Why).

Writers Block / Inspiration - 2 sides of view points. Kinda like a Slim Shady thing. Cool track.


- The volume on all of the songs (except Blind) need to be turned up to really hear the quality of the music. They seemed quiet when I put the volume up all the way on Windows Media Player.

- Good creativity

- Definitely can see your influences in 2pac and Talib Kweli, both great emcees to be influenced by.

- Keep working on your beats and production. You will get better over time. Also stay away from 808 drums/sounds. Your drums need to be popping. Sample your own drums and make them sound better.

- Dope graphics and album artwork. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this album. Keep doing your thing dude, you will only keep on becoming better.

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thanks alot- thats amazing what you did i really appreciate it.. i know my beats arent that good but like you said you get better with time.. and yeah i worked really hard on this. you know whats strange? i burned them on a cd and they sounded good (volume) but through my ipod or listening to them on a computer they are real low,...

but thanks again

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yeah im on the track thats crazy as hell

i made the cd

you didnt hahaha.. if you meant that in a literal sense.... cause im literally printing out the labels that go on the actual cds right now

--i burned 5 for a local cd shop that would say they would sell them there and 10 to sell by hand

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the first day i sold 7 disks out of 8 and and today a local store said they would sell them so i gave them 3 copies... i got some more people that want to buy but were like ill give you money tommrorow.

Looks like you are getting a postive reaction from people. Thats awesome. Hard work does pay off.

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nice work dude! my favorite tracks so far are "Like A Little Kid" "coppa" and "stop the clock". I think as your beats get better it will complement your rap really well. The sound quality seems to vary between the tracks although the quality of Apocolypse Now is excellent though, new mic? Although the beats are kinda simple I also think it gives your vocals & lyrics more focus, which is defo good since you're a great lyricist as well. :wickedwisdom:

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thanks alot that was a nice compliment. but yea i know my beats arent that good, i made two new beats which i like, they have a chill feeling to them i think. they will be on my next album ''enemy territory'' i have been working on the lyrics to both and i like em, so look out.

but back to topic, thanks everyone who wrote a review, im still waitng on you fuq, you promised me one heh

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