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FuQ - The Wrong Side


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I recently recorded a new song titled "The Wrong Side". The beat is produced by MC2B. We're working on a collab album. Right now, we're about 7 tracks deep. I'm also putting this track on my Mix CD "Writer On The Block". Everything I'm doing right now is turning out fairly well, even though I've got a couple path stallers. Anyway, enjoy this track. I added a lil 'something' to it.

Feb. 16-27, 2007

Welcome to the wrong side, when it can take lives

and promised futures of lil girls & lil guys

Cold hearts that wanna hammers, get evil eyes with color coded

Take a serious offense if the innocent stand up

cuz they suppose to man up

for they boys that can't keep them outta handcuffs

U real tough rider, but ain't no McGuyer

for the fate ya get, can't always be that select few of survivors

It's either R-I-P or J-A-I-L

and walkin' this earth is proclaimed a living hell

A bad perception, so a neutral zone sell ya weapons

Phat protection, everything out ya window ain't a blessin'

I seen the hard side, and it was fake right?

Tryna take on that Tupac role within my life

What it took to get game was experience

Hope the next batch of youngstas realize it ain't serious


Watch when they draw the line

Some people cross it and know they on the wrong side

A way of life, survival of the fittest right?

To look for trouble and get ya-self in a fight

Lock & load, throw some heavy blows

U don't see it, concrete invincible

And U thought U can't be touched

from the big screen to ya small world, U livin' it up

Plush bustas, U half steppin'

Scared of real life and the right message

U on the wrong side

If U pull the gat, when U ever find the time to rap

Got big money all a sudden cuz U sellin crack

Corporate suits takin' chances, U do ya corny dances

Land one on the billboard, grammy nominee not more hard

at least since Amerikkka'z, gangsta music that was above

the standards of today, they claimin they hustlers anyway

I betcha they been thru the loopholes, know how to get they cd sold

all that background **** about the industry wannabes don't know

I can see why they say "You'll never make it"

Cuz even if U signed, spittin rhymes, it's not by definition that U take it

Label powers take U for everything U can do

U a fool and think U dictate ya dues

Wearin' jewels, bustin' gats, snatchin' hoes & blowin' out backs

Self-proclaimed kingpins all over the map

Talkin' illegitimate

Even if it's real for U, it's still senseless

Y'all in a box, easy with the pick of the same litter

Lazy suckers, compared to us worker emcees who are bitter

U can say it's a quick buck, but it's never enuff

Feel like U wanna erupt on the world & straight bust!


U brought a demise to the kids eyes towards they're parents

U so drunk and high that the **** ain't real apparent

U thinkin' I'm writing these lyrics just to feel a 3rd verse?

and to except the fact that things are gettin' even worse?

then a lot of things shouldn't have changed in our history

Y'all punks won't prosper, U ain't leaders or with consistency

U write rhymes like a 1st grade book

Ya choruses rated R, but they preschool level hooks

Video vixens, some of em tricked into trickin'

others doin what they think they have to, but ain't into strippin'

U still goin get it, cuz ya lusts incontrollable

and makin' bad decisions, like U think that's what ya suppose to do

Stop frontin', U are a fake hood

Glorifying negativity, cuz it's too damn cool and U think U should

Some people get them lives handed to em and gotta survive

and U just goin in it cuz U ain't widin' ya eyes


- Peace!

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i love the first verse man, especially

"A bad perception, so a neutral zone sell ya weapons

Phat protection, everything out ya window ain't a blessin'

I seen the hard side, and it was fake right?

Tryna take on that Tupac role within my life"

keep up the good stuff!

ps. i wrote a verse and some misc bars down im thinkin i will use them for the collab, which we have to talk more about but your never online peace

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LOL @ Myspace just in case! :thumbsup:

That was very nice FUQ~FUQ!!! Its good to see how far you've come with your muzik. That 'drive' and just seeing you steadily move forward at your own pace, makes me smile ...

i can't wait to hear the final mixdown with the beats etc...



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I thought about it. Actually this song was really difficult for me to write. I had to watch how far I wanted to take this, so I guess if the shoe fits, somebody will surely wear it. I didn't really have names in mind. I just had images. There's so many of the same videos, there's no point in getting specifics as to who did what song. Some punk high school kid wanted to collab with me, and is down with all that "negative stuff". Gangsters on myspace is very real. :lol: Anyways, thanks for you guys continuing to check me out. I'm glad I can stay with it.

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Always bringing the heat as normal Fuq... Its exactly the message I wanted 2 communicate. Capturted implicity.

'MC2B and FuQ got the art..'




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