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This is 4 the handful of Superman fans on the board. I FINALLY got 2 watch The Richard Donner Cut of the movie. And i gotta say...IT'S GOOD.

For those of u reading this and don't know the history, 2 make a long story short, Richard Donner, the director of the 1st Superman movie that came out in 1978 was shooting for the 2nd movie at the same time. After months of going over the budget and taking 2 long 2 make them, the shooting stopped for Superman II when they were about 85% done. The idea waz 2 drop Superman: The Movie and see how it did. The movie of course waz an epic-sized hit and broke all kinds of records. When it came time 2 finish up Superman II, they fired Richard Donner and broght in another director 2 finish the sequel that waz already 85% finished. Needless 2 say, he changed alot of the movie and discarded alot of the footage, changed the story, and totally took it away from it's original vision. While the 2nd movie waz great and did what the 1st one did, the sequels after branched off in2 an area many aren't fans of (Superman III and IV).

Anyways, that waz 1978 and it's now 2006. The Christopher Reeve era stopped in the late 80's and now the franchise has been revived. Well, in the mean time, fans of the movies have petitioned online for YEARS 2 see Richard Donner's version of the movie. Of course with the time that has passed, the movies that have come and gone, and the politics of the movie business, it's rediculous 2 think that it would ever happen. Well, with the release of Superman Returns, it did.

The studio co-operated with Richard Donner and Michael Thau and broght the movie originally released in 1980 back 2 live in a vision that started even b4 then. A team went in 2 bunch of vaults in Europe and unearthed the original negatives and music from Superman II. They had 2 restore the video and audio and lable everything and reconstructed the movie. Lots of "new" scenes with Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, and Gene Hackman are included with plot twists and scenes that make total sense as 2 why Superman III and Superman IV actually have the right 2 be different from the 1st 2. Marlon Brando's footage that had 2 be discarded due 2 money issues are now in place and chemistry in this movie is explosive. The beginning set me off a little bit since the 1st few minutes are a bunch of Superman I footage spliced 2gether, but soon after that, the movie takes off in a totally new direction. One of the scenes wazn't even shot, but they had a screen test they used in it's place (it's funny 2 see the inconsistencies).

In the end, the story makes so much more sense and has more meat 2 it, reguardless of the fact that they didn't have abotu 15% of the movie that they intended 2 back then 2 complete it. Even if i wazn't a huge Superman fan, i think it's incredibly interesting that they can revisit a movie that waz corrupted and nearly 30 years later, re-work it like this without using 2006/2007 techology 2 bastardize it.

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I was give the monstor edition 13 disc superman dvd collection for xmas and i haven't gotten round to watching this yet, but, i've heard it's good

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I waz gonna get that boxset, but didn't. I ready lots of online interviews saying that they rushed the project. DVDs where loose in the case and scratched up. They included the 2000 versions of Superman III and Superman IV (not the deluxe versions w/ special features). Some people got sets that were missing discs and/or had finger prints all over the DVDs. As hard as it waz, i slept on it and got Christoper Reeve Superman Collection, and the new movie seperate. I know i'm missing out on some stuff...i considered getting it when they re-release it without all the mess ups.

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