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Rap Industry Death Throes

Cozmo D

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Think of it as the zombie of a once beautiful lady. It's walking around biting others. People liked her when she was alive and gorgeous. Now she's begging for a shotgun to blow her head off.


Or just take it as it's explained. It's the corporate raping of the music that has given Hip Hop the label as "Dead." It's like a pinata full of money. Men in suits obtained bats with names like 50 Cent and lil' Wayne and they bashed the hell out of that pinata. Now the pinata is in pieces all over the ground and these same men are still pounding the remains for every last penny they can get out of it.

Wow, I'm full of amazing analogies today.

God Blessa!

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Well the whole "Hip Hop is Dead" thing is about Hip Hop as a whole. As it stands now the market is flooded with a gimmick mentality looking for the next big thing. That same beautiful lady you see may look nice from afar, but when I look I see that she's got herpes... and she KNEW the guy had it before she screwed him.

God Blessa!

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How can Hip Hop be dead? Answer me that question.

Hip-Hop will NEVER die, but the Rap Industry is breathing it's last. It too will rise again, but without it's present day evil masters. What we are witnessing is the death of a mutant, vile, abomination of an industry, one who's "artists" are almost totally devoid of any affinity to art. What will rise in it's place will be a true renaissance of REAL Hip-Hop, a culture of freedom, diversity, originality and power. And ART!

I doubt that it will EVER see the domination in sales that it once enjoyed again, but the Hip-Hop age to come will be FAR more glorious than any age that has come before! :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:

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