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6 Luigie vs 2 DaAce


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Use any beat to your liking

2 minute Time Limit for your verse (you can surely say a lot)

You each have 3 Days MAX to complete and link your audio.

Coin Toss determines that Da Ace the higher seed (the smaller number) goes first for this matchup.

Da Ace (submit your verse by February 6th)

Good luck to both Contestants


2nd JJFP Audio Battle Tournament Bracket

6 Luigie

2 Da Ace


And now, a lil entertaining article.

- The 2nd annual JJFP Audio Battles, have been done a lil different. Instead of everybody being selected at total random inside a hat, each participant was given an accurate rating. That rating was based on experiences, history, etc.

Da Brakes and Da Ace have been fairly dominating the forum in sharing each music move they make that is hopefully enhancing their careers. Da Brakes, is a fan-favorite amongst many, and receives his feedback righteously. However, the timing of events prevented this 'top dawg' from fulfiling this quest of being personally entertaining in many JJFP battles he's been in before. Right behind him, is a new comer by the name of Da Ace. Da Ace has earned his first earned his spot of recognition by doing the very thing he has been doing in the tournament, and that is "battling". (Remember the Bow Wow Diss?)

SilverTiger, is a young talent who is less on the serious side, yet brings a fairly nice arsenal that is up to par to those who are. His creditiblity comes from winning the first Audio Battle. However, he won't be defending his title because of the upset against Luigie. Luigie was coming in the tourney at a 6 seed. He himself, is steadily trying to get himself sharpened and see just how much he can offer and achieve in Hip Hop. Accents tend to be irrelevant, after witnessing the various vocalists that existed in these audio tournaments and outside events. They also can be people's downfall if outside limitations. Lerkot, a 7 seed, received a bye in the first round, but it was to no advantage once he found his matchup against Da Ace in the second round.

J-o-e, who is similar to Luigie's scenario, is finding and developing his talents. J-o-e's style wasn't quite enough of an advantage to outdo SilverTiger according to the voters. Fresh-Ta-Def had been more in the shadows with his musical efforts, but it wasn't enough of an advantage to be a mystery when he faced Da Ace in the first round.

The tournament probably would have only been enhanced if it had more participants. FuQ, Concept, and Hero1, were three who were in spectators/competitors sights. All 3 have had some success in battling; either reaching the finals or winning the title at some point. Hero1, is a lyrical context genius to his readers. Times and the audiences have seemed to slightly change, causing him to lose an advantage in being understood for his writing ability, yet it is still appreciated like a rare jewel. FuQ & Concept are both simultaneously working on "album project" efforts, which strengthened their decisions to not participate in the battle. However, FuQ offered a bit of his internet time to hosting the event, in place of Da Brakes who usually organized such events.

And now we see the finals: 6 Luigie vs 2 Da Ace

Luigie, gotten thru the first round with a bye in his matchup against Da Brakes. He managed to upset the defending champ SilverTiger. Entering these finals as a #6, he's looking for another upset against his next opponent...Da Ace.

Da Ace, has been nothing less than dominating against his opponents. In the first round, Fresh-Ta-Def. In the second round, Lerkot. The sharp punchlines, calculated wordplay, and confident delivery have yet to be outdone. But anything can happen. One's weakness could very well be another's strength if it's capitalized on.

A #1 against a #2 may have been a lot of people's picks, but things flipped. I personally wasn't counting anyone out because I knew that shocks could occur. Everybody has a different style. Some just aren't battlers. Some just aren't songwriters. Some are both. Some aren't even really emcess or rappers. But there are two contestants left in the 2nd JJFP Audio Battle, and only one will be champion...

- by Mike FuQua (aka FuQ)

Coming up, submissions from the contestants, and possibly input from the readers.

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compare me to none ima burry this bum

this arrogant son couldnt "race the track" "secretariat" runs

if he bit a rhyme i shared from my tongue

it would despair into crumbs and deflate all the air in his lungs

so carry a gun battle me is like "south american slums"

"sick as malaria" from precarious bums and various drunks

prepared to get stomped im "pharaoh" in his chariot pumped

"red sea" naw its mother natures period month

punchlines arope and then dope

my lines go for the throat and get tighter at the moment you choke

his flow is a joke when he opened and spoke

it only exposed the growth of his nose you pinocchio foe

and if he carried the lies he's poured on his spinal cord

it will shatter like a teams dream when losing in the final four

so find a morgue cause my iron sword at the time of war

will define your core and lay you out like ironing boards

in lima, peru well the thing ima do

is sink your whole crew with the ink i will use, the inca's are thru!

... i stand astounding while fans are shouting

your dreams, i thew em off the side of the andes mountains

this aint dreamsport you'l get played like keyboards

your washed up as jason seahorn upon the seashore

im 3/4ths... soul and spirit

a mutant human consuming this clueless student by using the code of lyric

start construing my quotes, this dude isnt dope

he thought punchlines meant to fight over peruvian coke

now look here i win unanimous

da brakes took a brake and silver tiger got screwed like ll did to canibus

you spit rhymes and got the nerve to call it rap

well you mustve been "rollin dice" cause i heard alot of "crap"

you want respect, you dont deserve my autograph

so turn and holla back....

its like a snake tryna face the lochness

you wouldnt spit hot if you ate a comet made it vomit up in space with rockets

dont you know DaAce has got this

you can name your cd "elijah muhammad", you still wouldnt make a "profit"

because man your not intriguing

you wouldnt get hands in the air if you gave a german crowd a nazi greeting

cause since day one this lame bum

has sat the bench so long he doesnt even know how to play dumb

so yea when i let the ink leave from the pen

its dissin everyone who shouldnt be speaking again

cause in the ring my punchlines are meeting your chin

so understand your gonna lose before it even begins


Edited by DaAce
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I got some words for this MC called A-C-E,

strong like easy-e, but i'm H-I-V,

I got the capacity of beatin your few capacities,

I’ll turn your adjectives into diminutives,

Now, no mercy im dropppin the big one,

Feeling the frustration? But I’ve just begun,

In this battling thing you got years,

I got days; suddenly I appeared, to make you disappear,

Its fair you know, you doin good things for hip-hop,

But you take too long, pass the ball so I can dunk it right on the top,

You control a crowd, make em scream,

But I inspire em to decide to join my team,

So if you think that you gonna sink me wit your ink,

That’s just wrong man, cause I know how to swim,

Throw my dreams off a mountain and still wont be the best,

I’ll jus watch u fallin by yaself when you reach me in the everest,

Im floatin while im flowin,

Im stompin, all your weaknesses are showin,

Cause this drunk bum will keep bum rushin,

I’ll take the trophy while you stay in your ink’s pool splashin,

You may think you catch my disses like we were playin baseball,

But u didn’t notice I threw a bomb instead a ball,

Your lines will choke me?,

You'll get shocked when u see how I blast em like before even touch me,

Theres no way u can tell me sumthin I didnt heard,

Theres nothin I cant reply cause its my turn to burn,

Yo! I rock the house, im the breakout,

I’ll do the nazi greeting dress like Hitler and receive love from a Jude crowd,

Your bigger than me, compared to you I look like fleas,

Aint advantage cos I leave your ass wit stings,

I don’t play the dummie, I don’t play the smartie,

What the hell I am then? ...Well im the papi,

Been in the bench for a long time,

Cause I’ve keepin my essence aging like the finest wine,

Your losin your time writin these things you call rhymes,

In a battle Ace could be knocked out even by a mime,

In this round your under the underground,

Ya awful sound lets me be upperground,

Don’t deserve your autograph?,

Ha ha! the only one u made is a graffiti in your block

3/4ths soul and spirit...better than me?

Nah, you can find in me pure dexterity,

Sorry but I confused your verse with spam,

But you say it’s a jam, ok I’ll eat you scump...

Edited by Luigie
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