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6 Luigie vs 3 SilverTiger


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Use any beat to your liking

1 minute Time Limit for your verse

You each have 3 Days MAX to complete and link your audio.

Coin Toss determines that SilverTiger the higher seed (the smaller number) goes first for this matchup.

SilverTiger (submit your verse by February 1st)

Good luck to both Contestants


2nd JJFP Audio Battle Tournament Bracket

6 Luigie

3 SilverTiger



2 Da Ace

7 Lerkot


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-"Luigie," that's a fun name to say, so when I pray I'ma ask God to heal your burns

I'm takin' turns, Left Pen, Right Pen, I'll hit you with the light friend

-Spanish cousin- boca buzzin blank, boring words

Computer-thuggin', momma's buggin, waits for her turn

-Cap is twisted, rhyme dismissive, learn to clap

When you spit what you rap we take a worldwide nap

-Get acquainted with the ground, I'ma bury you soon

Leave you faintin' at the sound of the murderous tune

-Choke your face blue, blue face your choke-broke

Tokin' pistol smoke- I'll crush you like a can of Coke

-What a soldier does not fear a soldier does not stand to gain

So I'd refrain from you ever thinkin' my name

-You'll sink in the pain, swallow your chain

I'll carry no fame for killing the lame, I'm bringing the rain

-And when it crashes down you'll be the makeup-smeared clown

An unfunny joke- waitin' for the round sound

God Blessa!

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So...who is this guy? Huh...Silver tiger?,

I jus can hear a whisper, put the volume higher,

This dude sounds like brainy smurf turned gangster,

I know you wanna find sumthin to do, but rap aint the answer,

Man if the world sleeps, while I do my thang,

When u take the mic, ppl die like the happy tree friends,

Don’t come here to pretend, you know battlin me is yo end,

I got this match right here in the palm of my hand,

Wont be a challenge erasin your tiny tune, you aint no risk,

Silver Tiger ur lookin like a grey kitty wit my diss,

Spit the ball of hair so you can talk well,

And order your ideas for the next audio battle as well,

Phew, I feel better now you were scarin me

I thought my grandmother was rappin to me,

Don’t smile man, cause they wont vote yours,

You’re the unfunny joke who’s peeing his shorts...

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