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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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3 SilverTiger vs 4 J-o-e


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Use any beat to your liking

1 minute Time Limit for your verse

You each have 3 Days MAX to complete and link your audio.

Coin Toss determines that SilverTiger the higher seed (the smaller number) goes first for this matchup.

SilverTiger (submit your verse by January 29th)

Good luck to both Contestants


2nd JJFP Audio Battle Tournament Bracket

1 Da Brakes

6 Luigie


3 SilverTiger

4 J-o-e



2 Da Ace

5 Fresh-Ta-Def


7 Lerkot (receives a bye, waiting for the winner of 'Da Ace/Fresh-Ta-Def' matchup)


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It's the top song on the page.

-Sorry if I sound cocky but I gotta go

I got someone to battle and I ain't talkin no Joe

-J-O-E ain't got no J-O-B

Your lack of flow ain't got nothin on me

-See the poll results, landslide like a stripper

John Doe votes for me- the big tipper

-Outlastin the fibbers with heart stoppin defribas

Alcoholic liver cause another chest quiver

-Leave the game feelin bitter, Joe-ho, you don't know

When you think they're yelling "Go!" the crowd is yellin "No!"

-Ain't Karaoke night so hold your drink tight

You shakin up your glass like you're in a ice fight

-You're nervous and you're right to be, it must be nice to see

All that you wanna be wrapped up inside of me

-You can't lie to me, I got the fight in me

So bring, ring it, then maybe let you fly with me

-Nah, maybe not, you still playin tiny tots

Your whiny box is wailin every time you miss the easy shots

-Makes for easy blocks- the rock is all mine

You can check round two sittin on the sidelines

God Blessa!

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Now listen to this 12 year old, where’d your balls go? It’s not cold

Where your CD’s go? They not sold, I don’t need a job I got gold

I’m not gay so man I will never be wrapped inside of u, hide from u

Watch out guys u don’t know what the dude would do if he gets hold of u

U rhyme nice and quick but I slow down my flow so the people know

Listen to this dude pretending he got the dough but spends it on a hoe

Ur not even in my division, I’d slap fools up for the ultimate submission

Let me break it down but just listen, rewind it back cause u just missing

U don’t know me, u don’t know how I react so step back and get clapped

Man this clowns rapped his girl I tapped in the back of a blue Cadillac

Mr. Cross Dresser, Anti Depressor, More fake than a pro wrestler

Hold up, Don’t want to test a, can’t mess a, so b4 I leave, god blessa

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