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Boom Shake, (remix)

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interesting. Its just i sure i saw a CD a several years ago before my JJ+FP craze which was aremix CD of Boom Shake The Room and was put togeva by them
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Yeah, overseas, they released a "Boom! Shake The Room" CD single with a club remix of it done in 1995 (2 years after the single's impact). It waz remixed by Hula (Summertime, A Dog Is A Dog, I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me). Pretty good club remix.
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Congratz on getting those single. Nothing is better than owning the official stuff. Finding stuff like old singles at good prices is always nice. The Instravibe of "Ring My Bell" is nice. I also have the shorter version off an import single.

I got music in the mail 2day also but it's not JJ+FP related. I got the album "100% Haterproof" but The Unit featuring Queen Latifah and a Jon B sampler that features a remix of "Cool Relax" that features Guru..i've been wanting this since 1999!!
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