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My Chance To Rule The World


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Well really I wrote this song today after looking over a random verse I wrote a couple years ago with the first few lines going: "If I Ruled The World Like Nas/I would have a fly girl give me a massage/Especially during the days I work a lot" and decided to basically just add on to the emotion I've been feeling lately to write something inspiring, enjoy:

“My Chance To Rule The World”

Written By G. Miller Jr. AKA Big Ted

Verse One:

If I ruled the world like Nas

I would have a fly girl give me a massage

Especially during the days that I work a lot

But I'd spend more days for the youngeons to plot

Outways so the future will be to live the words I jot

On my flameful songs that I rock

To continue moving strong

To master piling stocks and bonds

The future will continue on

We can't crumble to come up lost

It's a big puzzle and war is a cost

If this happens they will just deliver wasteful flows

We gotta be able to catch “the breaks” like Kurtis Blow

And we also gotta let it be known

That “If I Ruled The World” was his flow

Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince told me that everything that glitters ain't always gold

You might criticise me for droppin' so many names in this rhyme display

That'll you'll be callin' me the Game of the east coast

Really this all just about homage though

Just like when Nas sampled Kurtis Blow

Now this is the 3rd opportunity to bring the timeless feel to the globe

Hip-hop has to be able to reach everyone, the young as well as the old

That's what keeps it alive

When we sample somebody

It's really about the “vibes and stuff”

Like that Tribe Called Quest cut

I wish I could take all the homeless to a trip to the Barbados

And get them permanent homes

Real hip-hop will never die, I want to let y'all know

I really feel like I'm gonna cry when I hear somebody say that, it's cold

To talk all that flack about what's dead and how it isn't at it's essence

I'd rather bring a better way to solution than those who always attack problems

This is really just about feelin' good

No matter if you're in the 'burbs, rural, or the 'hood

Real music has no boundaries

That's why I'm touching all degrees from sea to sea

Like the web it's a worldwide theme


My chance to rule the world

Bring an alternative to all the negative turns

When I rule the world

It's 'bout peace for the boys and girls

I want it, want it, baby

I'd rip the shirt, Off my back, to anyone feelin' hurt

Oh yeah, Oh yeah

If I could I would

My chance to the world

It's 'bout lovin', lovin' baby

Verse Two:

That's right I know that with the “Power Of God” told by LL, aka James Todd

I know that I'll be able to make some an impact beyond feelin' like life's hell and shot

See I even I get that way, I gotta play motivational hip-hop tapes

I want to get back to the start of the pace

Where hip-hop is a frontrunner to bringing a positive change

The genre started as unity but there's too much beef these days

Life is really one large marathon not a simple race

I really thought I could go “Fast Pace”

Getting hyped up like I'm just ready to dance on stage

Sometimes I get down on myself since I don't have a record deal yet

But really the music is free in my soul and I don't need to sign onto anyone

I could take care of my own

Like Janet gotta have “Control”

That way y'all could “Call On Me” when you're feelin' cold and alone

When I get into that creative mode I could help you get through the trouble

When I was younger I sometimes would feel like Fresh Prince on the track

Of when mama got on my back I thought how “Parents Just Don't Understand”

But now like him I understand that “Momma Knows”

As I'm more grown

Even before I have any seeds of my own

I have a long career ahead to master my goals

And continually craft my flow

When you're a team player it's more than your average that has to show

We gotta look out for others that our on our team in the game of life

Throughout the painful strvies

You have to roll clear when you blast a flow

Everyday could have an exciting goal to fulfill through, you know?

Really like the other Jackson I would like to look at life as a “Thriller”

It's all a wonder what's ahead for G.Miller Jr.

I wish that there was a feeling of being “Invincible”

'Cause I don't like feelin' defeated

Getting angered and tellin' peeps to “Beat It” 'cause I want to be alone to reflect

I want to do well at everything I put effort in to be someone everyone could respect

Even though there's always some who can't accept

Love and peace in life as concept and somewhere we need to get

I want to continually stay around

I want a long and influential career like James Brown

Make sure that there's a nice path that I paved down

[Repeat Chorus]

Verse Three:

Trying to bring a dead hault to the faze or hype of the rule

I don't cling on the thought of just having the benefits of a top ranked title

I gotta correct the faults and move towards phrases that could improve

One thought that's logical could create the impossible

That the hateful fools won't be able to move through

One spark ignites the fire

One love to anyone that never expires

On what they do to get through moments that're tired

Like Wyclef I want to be an inspiration for the “next generation”

People go through through wrong situations

Need something to keep going many days ahead

“Pursuit Of Happiness” can't just come from a vacation

Really my peace of mind comes mostly from meditation

And knowing that people feel motivated

Everytime I give birth to a rhyme with my pad and pen

If it was in my power I would eliminate all the pain our soldiers gotta live with

I do my part though with my art to uplift them

And I know that to feel soul music takes heart

The lost ones will understand eventually so I won't tear them apart

It's time to do something uplifting

Droppin' them off a lil' wisdom[Repeat Chorus]

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Thanks for the feedback, I really dug deep for this one, really I was just writing a bunch of stuff coming to mind and wasn't really paying attention to how it flowed but I just went over it now and edited some lines, made some smaller so it could flow better, really things are looking up for me now and I seem to have more of a creative spark, the best is yet to come I believe

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Wow Ted. I was readin' this, and I liked how the lyrics tempo change up within the verses.

"I know that I'll be able to make some an impact beyond feelin' like life's hell and shot" - Keep the positiveness, yeah!

I didn't realize how many references there was until I kept reading. But I guess you did that keep the relevance to of how your thinkin' and people would know what you're talking about. The chorus did its job too. You kept the song together.

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Well really on the real I just namedropped on this song 'cause it fit the mood of the song, I normally don't name drop though on the most part except a couple times where it might fit, I thought it was just a fun line to say they'll be calling me the Game of the east coast

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Yeah, that was fun to see it be said. I remember when I first got Game's album, I played it no problem. Then after a while when I would play it again, I couldn't quite stomach it. Seems like he's still doing so on "Doctor's Advocate" a lil bit. Al; this Dr. Dre talk, and I don't see him nowhere.

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  • 7 years later...

After almost 8 years I decided to record this as a tribute to James Brown on his birthday with the Kurtis Blow "If I Rule The World" instrumental, I changed it up a lil' bit to flow better for 2014!


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