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  1. ok i was thinking and i thought it be cool to se who you all think will would do good in a movie with so....

    my thoughts are

    jim carey

    chris rock

    chris tucker

    micheal epps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bruch willis

    and last but not least dave chapelle haha

  2. i don't wanna sond nonsupportive, but here i go anyways. first, it's a hassle to register at all these boards. all they do is set u up to get more junk mails. i'd post if there was guest posting like there is on this board. and 2nd, people can tell when they look at u that u've made one post and that u've just registered that day. they know all u came 2 talk about was Will Smith's new album and nothing else. it kinda makes it seem corny. i think if ur already a respected member of a forum it makes it easier. not that i'm saying u shouldn't keep posting, cuz what else can u do? i'm just sayin that's why i'm not doin it.

    :word: That's how I feel too. It's hard to keep up with a lot of forums, but I'm still trying to promote the album...


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