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  1. Awww yea the Trackmasters! besides Jeff, they are my fav producers, but I dont think Poke and Tone are in the music buis anymore, sadly.
  2. Will Smith Comes Home To Philly To Surprise Lady B! ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x32Fw2RU6WI&feature=related
  3. Just for kicks and giggles, he is a vid from 2009 of Will recording at his crib with KSmith. http://www.worldstar...i0B2mLH15N7A32K
  4. http://twitter.com/#!/KSMITH215 "out in these philly streets with big willie..." Hmm wonder if he is doing any recording there.
  5. This has probably been posted on here before, but what the heck. Rare track here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW1-N717Ttc
  6. I agree on Gillie and I agree on having the majority of the album Big Will verses! But I must say I would still LOVE to hear a track with Nas or Rakim. And I agree people, I want Jeff to make the cuts for Will full time as well.
  7. If Will is indeed back: Give me 5 Rappers you would like a collab track with. Let me state mine. Nas Rakim LL Cool J KRS One Common I know that Will and Nas have been friends since Big Willie Style when Nas was helping Will vibe the new style of hip hop upon his return, but man I would love to hear these 2 guys collab, and even more now that I saw Will up on stage with Nas on youtube when he was rapping "Made you look" Rakim and Eric B....Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince...They were the top duo's in the game in the 80s and early 90s. I would LOVE to hear the GOD Emcee Rakim and the Prince of Hip Hop Will Smith collab on a track. LL and KRS are too other old school cats that I would love to hear have a track with Big Will, both have lasted from the 80s and both are Rappers I enjoy. Common, another actor slash rapper like WIll, and I think would make a great collab. Overall I think the ultimate would be a track with Will and Rakim, with Jazzy producing! Would be TOO DOPE! None of this will probably happen lol but no harm imagining right haha
  8. O Thanks alot man! Great to be here. Yes of course I have! Im a big fan of Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince as well, hell even Ready Rock lol. Good list, although I would not count Party Starter as "underrated" because it was being played on the radio and had a music video. But what ever, thanks for for the welcome!
  9. Give me your top 5 underrated Will Smith songs. Stcricly from his Solo career I may add. Give me your top 5 underrated Big Will tracks that normal hip hop fans would probably not even know. I will start with my top 5 underrated (in no particular order) "I Loved You" - Big Willie Style "Chosen One" - Lost and Found (Japanese version) "Could You Love Me" - Lost and Found "How the Beat Goes On" - Born To Reign "Dont Say Nothing" - Big Willie Style He Really has alot of underrated tracks because Will goes pretty much under the radar in Hip hop for reasons I can not explain.
  10. haha its so easy to see that Will ghost wrote Jadens lyrics. I mean he uses Wills slang and flow.
  11. Ive really been diggin in research from various sources to confirm this...I hope to god its true......the next step is to simply hear this from Big Will himself
  12. The Whole album is great. I voted "Tell me why" I simply think that is the best song ever by any rapper. Could U Love Me is a very underrated track as well
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