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  1. Just dropped you a message on WhatsApp @Da Brakes
  2. Same not gonna YouTube any of it. I reckon they are gonna play some new material either will has worked on or together, that would be awesome Are we all gonna head into the festival together if we meet up? I reckon I can blag into the golden circle with the VIP ticket, it's their first time doing this so should be fairly easy
  3. Yer we are staying overnight at The Garnett, walking distance to the show, im sure you could get in somehow it does say VIP only but if its quiet they would need to fill it up, im just hoping for a JJFP mini set Im going up on the Sunday should be there for about 3pm, be leaving early Monday because traffic here on a bank holiday going south is a nightmare
  4. Just noticed theres an "after show party" in the VIP section, i think the other half now wants to come along so im gonna have to front for a VIP ticket for her so unfortunately wont be able to join you lot in the circle
  5. VIP, unsure wether to stay or not although it is a 4 hour drive back
  6. Cheers Neil but we all gotta be in there, ill get that ticket ill just go to the vip for the free drink a few snacks and the lanyard, head down to the circle after
  7. its something different because they had The Originals as well which i picked up at the same time
  8. Looks like i found a gem here, awaiting delivery from America, i cant find any info about this online but its the same design company who did The Originals cassette Anyone got any info on this??
  9. good for me i might be able to get a golden circle ticket in a few months haha
  10. -Hes the dj im the rapper -I Wanna Rock -Brand New Funk -The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff Think im gonna have to buy a separate golden circle ticket
  11. No idea i cant find any map either, seems strange i cant access all areas since im paying the higher price
  12. Nope, got an email confirmation that i cannot enter the golden circle via the VIP area enjoy guys
  13. Can't exchange my tickets but asked if i can access the golden circle with a VIP ticket , don't see why i wouldn't be allowed in
  14. Sent them an email seeing if i can switch tickets, hopefully it wont be an issue
  15. dammit i got VIP, i reckon i could get in the circle though with it
  16. Its 3-4 hours for me, does anyone wanna meet up when we are there? try and get some backstage passes ;)
  17. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/james-corden-carpool-karaoke-primetime-special-cbs-2-1202028201/ multiple sources about this, seems like this is when they will be on
  18. Yer pretty rare to come by now, If your interested drop me a PM
  19. The Remix album is also on Spotify, 6 x remixes of summertime, 8 x remixes of ring my bell and 7 x remixes of the things that u do, 1 x saw my blinker remix and a 5 minute version of yo home to bel air
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