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  1. If I get chance for a meet and greet tonight I'm definetly gonna try and get some info :D
  2. Tonights the night , be good to see how Jeff and Dayne colab on stage always used to seeing skillz up there
  3. not far away now, hopefully get another tape signed ;)
  4. march was the target date for when jeff said they would be in the studio for a month, why write lyrics and not make tracks from them? im 99% convinced we will hear something new this year
  5. lol i know what you mean, i think for our JJFP collection its probably more collectors value rather than a standard ball park figure
  6. Does anyone know where the best place is to get an accurate record valuation?
  7. got one my self with the others on there a few months back, i got them quick cus i didnt know how many had been pressed, it is a cool LP to own!
  8. could be many things, how is your studio setup? do you have multiple ins and outs?
  9. The only difference is the Girls Aint Nothing But Trouble is the UK Mix and Rock The House is Live N.Y Union Square version Another rare ive managed to get recently: and this "master" copy of Rock The House which i cant confirm is 100% genuine or not, the blackout writing says "Property of Winston Thomas" would love to see what everyone has managed to collect over the years!
  10. Just found this gem on youtube uploaded recently check it out - "Exclusive and never aired online before now Back in 87 a young Jazzy Jeff was being produced by the legend Schoolly D. He did a studio session in the spring of 87 cutting up some soul classics. This was never released and is super rare."
  11. Another fellow collector! are you on about one of these.....if you want to try and get a rare one go after a master press copy ;)
  12. thanks everyone my OH doesnt get it but i knew everyone here would :D yer ebay is the only place i have found them, ive got a hes the dj platinum one to put up, i might replace it with big willie style, also does anyone know if they do cassette display boxes?
  13. Its a 2 CD live set will skillz back in 2007 think its on youtube somewhere, i managed to find 1 copy in america
  14. Just got back at 5am from motion last night, as always jazz was incredible with his set, a blend of everything all night, vinyl destination was filming aswell so everyone going to scala get to the front! Managed to get another CD signed aswell :D security was real tight so had no chance to get a picture
  15. kenny dope dude.... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kenny-Dope-Hip-Hop-Gonzalez/dp/B00000GAMW/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1397762587&sr=8-5&keywords=kenny+dope he also done an In The House cut aswell.... http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-House-Kenny-Dope-Gonzalez/dp/B0000CGD34/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1397762587&sr=8-2&keywords=kenny+dope
  16. found them in those B&M Bargain shops for £2.99, worth a look if you need more
  17. After finally moving into my new place the OH agreed to let me have the spare room, finally got part of my collection on the wall....
  18. going to the bristol showing, had tickets for scala but cant make london anymore, anyone else going to motion?
  19. JJ is going to be at scala again this year on the 18th, super early bird special tickets are only £10! get em quick http://thedoctorsorders.com/v2/friday-18th-april/
  20. this dude is a joke check out this interview - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-Y4wjJb4AM
  21. even though its good to still see will on the mic it does bug me now its the same freestyle, i didnt even watch the whole thing
  22. i still think a JJFP album or tour will happen after watching the interview with jeff that was for the forum, and will said the other day that he only has a few more years left in him of action movies, i reckon once he finishes off the movie side he'll jump at the idea of touring with jeff
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