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  1. http://www.blackcelebkids.com/2011/06/20/photos-jaden-smith-performs-at-a-celebrity-birthday-bash/ He really like to wear skinny jeans :laugh:
  2. Jin,I supposed that after MIB3 he's going to take a loooooong break again because Willow's album will be released in September-October and after that she's started with Annie and Jaden is going to filmed Karate Kid 2 in July.You know that he's going to be involved in this 100% so I doubt that he's going to do anything any time soon!
  3. Radewart,I couldn't agree more with everything you said:-)!He's in his 40's and if he keep doing such ridiculous thing like MIB3 or BB3,4,5...he will lost half of fans and he wouldn't get any new.I honestly think that he's a little vain,that's only explanation why he's so afraid to do something "not so clean".But from some of his interviews i got a feeling that successful movie and career to him is equal big money.Maybe I'm wrong but right now as an actor he is way behind Tom Hanks,Leo,Johnny,Sean Penn,Denzel etc.
  4. He sure has found his match and that's great,but I never found Jada attractive.She's too manly and skinny at my opinion,but everybody has their own taste:-).
  5. You know how can somebody blow up this opportunity?The man is just too vain!I know that nobody here wanna say that but that's the truth liked we it or not.He simply MUST be in charge of everything and everybody around him.Yes,this is great director,great cast etc.,but that's the biggest problem because Will always must be the biggest star or he wouldn't do this,and in this project with so many great names it's impossible.I really losing respect for him more and more,but who cares LOL. P.S.Considering that Jada is the only person he listening,we can only hope hope that she will convince him,but she doesn't have many smart career moves also...
  6. http://www.whosay.com/WillowSmith/photos/36523
  7. Jada will be one of the presenter at Billboard awards this saturday in Las Vegas.I think Jaden and Willow will be there too.
  8. We will see the album,there's no doubt about that.All songs are finish,big names working on it and most important Willow isn't some "normal" kid .Her dad is Will Smith,Jay-z is family friend.If this song failed they just going to work harder on her promotion,videos etc.I mean,she perform at the White house with one hit,lol.We all know it's not because of her,it's because she's Smith.Will always said that he can take to fail in anything,he wouldn't let it go just like that:-)!
  9. "He did not want to share an elevator with normal people"!NORMAL?!What,he's not a normal human being? I really hope that this is not true...
  10. http://blog.music.aol.com/2011/04/29/willow-smith-lady-gaga-mtv-o-awards/
  11. Album isn't delayed.It should be done by march but she perform and travel a lot,so it not finish yet.I think it should came by summer.They can pay (and they are paying)many big names to work on her album,so she sure will have more good songs,but I'm not sure what will be with her career when she get older because they (Will and Jada)just trying to hard to make their kids big stars as soon as possible,they are literally everywhere.
  12. Willow will performing in St.Louis tomorrow with Black Eyed Peas but I'm not sure what event it is.
  13. http://www.blackcelebkids.com/2011/04/25/the-smiths-and-obamas-cheer-on-willowvideo-of-performance-inside/ P.S.DeBrakes,I can't open your message,don't no why:-(
  14. I'm intrigued! Care to elaborate? Hahaha,yes of course,but not here I don't wanna get in trouble,lol.
  15. I understand you Ale:-).I should understand what you trying to say at a first place,my bad,lol.Thanks. Btw,do you know how can I delate my comments(because I don't) and I really don't wanna to arque with anybody?I thought that this is a place where all Will's fans can say what thay thought about him without arquing,because apperently we all like him.
  16. Gosia please calm down.As I said I wanna comment his recent career moves which I don't like but my comment goes in a bad direction!I don't wanna discuss about his private life but everybody just "jump" on me!And btw,Trey was in LA not in a hotel room and I don't judge from the tabloid or paparazzo photos.I told only things that I'M COMPLETELY SURE OF,and as I said I know some things that you aperently don't.I never said or wrote anything I'm not sure of because I know that people read this stuff! I don't mind the fact that he's not spending so much time with Trey,I just don't like what his doing with his career choice lately and I don't like what they do with Jaden and Willow career also,you don't have to agree with me,ok?DAMN!
  17. Sorry again,as I said his private life is not my business,I just wanna say that I don't like what Will do recently,but my comment goes in a bad direction.Thing is,I know some stuff that mostly of you don't,that's why I said it,but anyway I shouldn't said anything because it's not my problem(even if it's true :-)) Ale,if his stepdad spending a lot of time with Trey because he's married with his mom doesn't Jada should do the same because she's married with his dad (simply as that as you say,lol)?And what did you mean by "Will has his family now"?Does this mean that Trey isn't part of his life and family anymore?!Sorry,but I must to ask that,because I really don't get what you wanna say:-). Once again,I'm sorry,his family is his problem,I guess that he loves Trey as much as Jaden and Willow and I must admit that this kind of thing (man who has kids from previous relationship and(don't)spend his time equally with all his kids)are very sensitive to me.
  18. I know for sure that he hasn't saw him since they gone in London on JB tour,and Trey doesn't live with them (btw,Jada wasn't on any of his game this year and his stepdad ,with other side, didn't miss one).But you are completely right,this is not my business at all.His private life is his problem.Point of my comment was that I was a huge Will Smith fan since forever:-),and this is not the same person I use to worship.I adore his music,Fresh prince,fact that he's such a good down to earth man(and dad),and I love him for all of that.You must admit that his recent moves are very questionable,and I think that many people still loves him for the thing he done before and not for his recent works. But,once again,this is just my opinion,you have right to don't agree with me,I promise I wouldn't live this comment in the future!Ok:-)? P.S.Sorry for my (bad)english.
  19. Wow,Trey isn't with them again,even on Easter!I really started to change my opinion about Will more and more...I don't understand any of his recent moves...things that he do with Jaden and Willow career,nepotism,movie he does,music that he doesn't want to do,fact that he haven't saw his son 3 months...that's not my Fresh Prince:-(.
  20. http://www.blackcelebkids.com/2011/04/14/willow-smith-helps-celebrate-radio-disneys-15th-birthday/
  21. http://www.blackcelebkids.com/2011/04/05/will-smith-and-son-reunite-on-the-big-screen/
  22. I heard about this while ago,but don't wanna to say anything because I wasn't sure.I think that this news is absolutely true (sadly)and only reason is that Will wanna push Jaden's career by acting with him again.Honestly,I don't understand anything that Will do recently.That what they do with his kids is really "too much too soon" and if it continues I'm afraid that people going to hate them for couple years.I guess that Will and Jaden going to act in this movie,Willow will perform song from movie and Jada's going to be producer:-).I agree that he should (and can) have career like Brad,Johnny,Leonardo,etc.Just do your job (ACT) and let other people to do their as well.And Willow and Jaden had plenty of time to became a superstar or whatever they wanna became. I'm really mad,I used to love his acting and music so much but I really don't understand what's going on with him last couple years...
  23. Radewart,I couldn't agree with you more :-)!!! Will is great,of course,but at my opinion he really think that he knows everything better than anybody else!That's why many people (I mean many people I know)don't like him the way they used to.He read the screept,wasn't happy and order that writer fly to NY?!That is really little too much.
  24. Thanks Ale! Did you see Jada and Trey on some pictures maybe?I'm asking because I'm not from USA,so I didn't watch the show,and I haven't see them...I'm sure Jada was there of course,but I haven't seen Trey anywhere in a while so I'm curious :-).
  25. What's Jaden going to perform at KCA?JB is on tour still and as far as I know he had only that one song. P.S.These kids are literally everywhere,I mean everywhere!I'm afraid that it's going to be a little too much for some people.
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