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  1. Yes, I liked that topic. I'd would be nice, if you'd try 2 make it possible 2 make it public again.
  2. Das is aus Fight Club. Du solltest den Film unbedingt mal aufmerksam gucken, glaub mir, das hat wirklich gar nichts mit Homer Simpson zu tun. Tut mir leid, dass das jetzt kein englisch is, geht so aber schneller.
  3. Is it legal and can it be traced back?
  4. That's really cool. I hadn't seen it before
  5. It's not really in german. Stafan Raab only translates the things he and will are saying. So you don't know more when you understand everything.
  6. I like "Tell Me Why" most. And "Party Starter" is really good. And all other songs are of course very good, too. Well, I like the whole CD with all songs on it.
  7. Does any1 know if the DVD will be released in Germany? :kool:
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