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  1. The Radio edit sounds more like a Party Starter
  2. I haven't listened to it this week but I have been playing Will's Greatest Hits album.
  3. I think he did a great job ... he really got the crowd hyped. the throne was maybe a little inappropriate at this event
  4. that's terrible for the music industry if Will Smith is the fourth best selling artist this year.
  5. expect new albums from the female rappers too....Foxy, Remy, Lil Kim & Trina are dropping albums.
  6. ^yeah it could be the last single .... a performance video.
  7. i know :( he could re-release the album or just release it for the european & asian market.
  8. checkout bet.com for clips and pics
  9. Does anyone else agree? I think it's my fav song on the album ...and... I really think it could become a huge hit WORLDWIDE :jazzy:
  10. that's great....just 500k left til platinum
  11. I've been thinking of buying but I didn't like Chicken n Beer that much is it better than CnB?
  12. Switzerland Lost & Found #96 Peak pos. 35. Weeks on charts 9 Switch #19 Peak pos. 13. Weeks on charts 10 Austria Lost & Found #40 Peak pos. 30. Weeks on charts 4 Switch #7 Peak pos. 7. Weeks on charts 5 Germany Lost & Found Peak pos. 14. Weeks on charts 4 Switch #4 Peak pos. 4. Weeks on charts 5
  13. how many copies do you have to sell to achieve platinum status?
  14. ...One rapper that comes to mind is ofcourse Ludacris, I think it would certainly help if he worked with him or another top artist to get radios attention. Maybe he should work with a British rapper since Switch did so well over there...I think Blak Twang would be the perfect choice or Est'Elle. Slick Rick would be cool too but his style is more laid back.
  15. thx. I wonder if there's any plans to sell the switch shirt fan4ever they are from http://www.hotmix1019.com
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