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  1. Yeah I've actually got my one friend into JJ+FP. He really likes "Girl's Ain't nothing but Trouble".
  2. Yeah hopefully I can get one and maybe I'll join on one.
  3. I can't wait. JJ+FP return. It's a good feeling.
  4. Yeah I agree with that. It was a nice idea in theory, but in the end it wasn't executed.
  5. Parents Just Don't Understand in the first episode when Will dresses for dinner.
  6. Why can't he just put movies on hold already and make another JJ+FP album? And a good one not just one last hurrah for the fans put everything into it.
  7. Is it just me, or does anyone one else like the live version of the original better than the album version? I just love how he freestyles in the beginning "Yo let me talk to you, let me have a word with you!" And he goes on right into the first verse. I also like when they break it down. I mean to me that version of the song will always be the best. Anyone agree?
  8. It's pretty cool it's kinda like you guys have your own Will Smith radio show. I like the intro too like how you either have music or skits...like the so fresh part in the beginning - "Jeff Give me the machine! No Mr. Hollywood!"
  9. Thank you. I couldn't find an intro thread so I kinda just started posting.
  10. At the poolhall after they win the money back and Will walks back in and says "Yeah!" Then runs while the two guys chase him!
  11. What did ya'll think? I don't know I mean I like Peedi but to me he just doesn't sound right on this track.
  12. Well I don't know what to think. He keeps teetering back and forth between recording new music and not...
  13. I really enjoy the podcasts and can't wait for the next one.
  14. I go through phases. Right now I'm into them pretty much 24/7.
  15. That cut where Jeff scratches the beat that says "If you please", is that an actual song they made? Because I've been dying to know where that's from.
  16. I haven't seen it but I've heard that it was really good.
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