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  1. i thought that was interesting that the greatest hits made it into the top 20..they actually promoted that fact in adds for the GH album in australia Yeah and Will was more well known after the Men In Black single so I guess people wanted to check out his past music.
  2. Jazzy and Prince UK album stats... He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper - 68-77->2 Homebase - 69->1 Rock The House - 97->1 Code Red - 50-51-65-69-60-74->6 Greatest Hits 98 - 20-25-28-39-71->5
  3. I was so shocked when I saw 50 Cent on Loyal To The Game. He's such a terrible rapper and I'll NEVER understand how he became so popular. But I have to say Eminem's version of Runnin' is amazing. There was a HORRIBLE remix released as a single in the UK in 1998. :poke: And does anyone know if there's any plans to release more unreleased Notorious B.I.G material? I remember seeing an album by him called "Duets" on some release schedule, but it never came out.
  4. Sorry, didn't mean to be rude. I'm just impatient. :cold: Thanks Hero1!
  5. He'll probably do some bigger concerts too.
  6. That was the 1994 re-release. It got to number 8 in 1991.
  7. Hope you enjoy these stats. :thumb: The bolded number is the song's peak position and the number at the end is how many weeks the song stayed in the charts for. I can't believe how badly most of the Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince songs did here, especially Parents Just Don't Understand which seems to be semi well known. 04/10/1986 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble 21 59-46-37-21-23-30-49-74->8 21/02/1987 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff 93 93-98->2 30/05/1987 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince A Touch Of Jazz 79 79-91->2 14/05/1988 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince Parents Just Don't Understand 87 91-92R(14)-87-100->4 24/02/1990 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson 94 94->1 03/08/1991 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince Summertime 8 26-13-10-8-14-17-32-52->8 09/11/1991 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince Ring My Bell 53 53-60->2 11/09/1993 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince Boom! Shake The Room 1 12-3-1-1-2-3-3-5-6-19-33-42-58->13 20/11/1993 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince I'm Looking For The One To Be With Me 24 24-27-39-68->4 19/02/1994 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince Can't Wait To Be With You 29 29-35-40-65->4 04/06/1994 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince Twinkle Twinkle (I'm Not A Star) 62 71-62->2 06/08/1994 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince Summertime 29 30-29-37-56->4 02/12/1995 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince Boom! Shake The Room {1995} 40 40-57->2 16/08/1997 Will Smith Men In Black 1 1-1-1-1-2-4-5-9-8-14-16-25-24-41-58-69->16 13/12/1997 Will Smith Just Cruisin' 23 23-36-39-32-47-64->6 07/02/1998 Will Smith Gettin' Jiggy Wit It 3 3-6-7-8-13-17-24-29-34-52->10 11/07/1998 Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince Lovely Daze 37 37-57->2 01/08/1998 Will Smith Just The Two Of Us 2 2-8-12-18-22-29-37-42-51-67->10 05/12/1998 Will Smith Miami 3 3-10-11-11-9-8-12-22-26-31-35-43-52-75->14 10/07/1999 Will Smith Featuring Dru Hill Wild Wild West 2 2-3-4-8-7-8-6-9-17-19-27-36-46-60-70-74->16 20/11/1999 Will Smith Will 2K 2 2-4-12-17-23-26-21-21-27-40-52->11 25/03/2000 Will Smith Freakin' It 15 15-26-37-55-56-60-65-59R(3)->8 10/08/2002 Will Smith Featuring Tra-Knox Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) 3 3-5-10-13-19-23-38-53-57-69->10 02/04/2005 Will Smith Switch 4 6-8-5-5-4- ???
  8. That's the thing. I think a lot of the sinister undertones in dancehall music fly over most peoples heads outside Jamaica cause it's so hard to understand! :sad6:
  9. Thanks. :peace: It's good to find a decent Will Smith forum at last. There seems to be quite a lot of UK posters here.
  10. I'll edit that bit out! I didn't realise it was a hidden track on there. I don't think I've ever listened to We Won't the whole way through.
  11. Considering the positive message Will brings, I'm surprised he worked with this guy who advocates the murdering of gay people in his music. Here are some of his charming lyrics: I like to think Will didn't know about some of his content. I don't know his personal views on gay people, but I'm sure he'd find these lyrics kind of disgusting. What do you think? Please don't take this as an attack on Will. I was just surprised he worked with him, but like I said, he may not know much about him and his record label could've just linked him up with him cause he's considered 'cool' in some circles. The issue is well known here in the UK after he had his MOBO nomination removed for this reason.
  12. People should use http://rapidshare.de if they don't want the links to break!
  13. It was released in the UK in 1995 and only made #40 in the charts! I'd love to hear it again.
  14. This is why it doesn't matter if he gets negative reviews. The public have spoken! I'm really shocked at how well it's done actually, especially as I consider Switch one of the poorer tracks on the album. Lost And Found MUST be the third single!
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