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  1. BRAZIL...all the way....c'mon, ive been supporting them since i was really young, my uncle got me into them, hes been a fan for as long as he can remember....he still remembers the 1970 world cup, i still the remember the horrible incidents of the 1998 world cup

  2. here is the official remix to Freeze by LL Cool J ft. Lloyd Banks

    LL Cool J ft. Lloyd Banks, Hot Rod - Freeze (Remix)

    now first of all i like the remix, its not better than the original, but LL spits alright on it, second i hate G-unit, but the only rapper in g-unit that i can barely stand is lloyd banks so thank god its him, and he also spits alright on the remix, but this is the first time ive heard hot rod and its only one verse so i cant rate him

    anyway check it out and leave your opinions here guys.........

  3. what was the blueprint show about cause i live in the uk.....if its interesting i wonder if anyone has it ripped

    oh and i just picked up Todd Smith 2 days ago, and i have been listening to it ever since....its such a good album, i like these type of LL songs better than the ones on the definition...i didnt like that album at all, that was too much for the clubs. but what people need to realise is that LL is past the stage of using his battling rap style like on MSKYO and GOAT, and at his age won't be making another album like that unless jay-z wants to beef with him...which he wont btw. Todd Smith has really got more harder sounding tracks as well in the form of Its LL & Santana, and What You Want, but what i like about this album is that he has the beats (Trackmasters came through again) and he has a real laidback flow which reminds me of his Loungin remix and aint nobody and songs like that.

    I love this album man!!! the best tracks to me are Best Dress w/ jamie foxx, Favourite Flavor w/ Mary J, Down The Aisle w/ 112, Ive Changed w/ Ryan Toby, Preserve The Sexy w/ Teairra Mari, Ooh Wee w/ Ginuwine...........AHH HELL I LIKE THE WHOLE ALBUM!!!!!!!

    except for the last dance remix of control yourself which sucks

  4. Marion "Suge" Knight has come forward to speak about his recent decision to file for protection under federal bankruptcy laws.

    Knight's new counsel, Larry Nagelberg and Laurence Strick, said Knight and Death Row Records sought protection because of a $107 million dollar default judgment awarded to Lydia Harris, ex-wife of imprisoned drug boss Michael "Harry-O" Harris.

    Harris and Knight have publicly feuded over the label since 1997, the year Harris went public and claimed he invested $1.5 million in Death Row Records, home to Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound and others.

    Knight missed numerous court hearings to disclose his assets, the most recent being Saturday (April 1). A judge had warned Death Row Records would be put into receivership if Knight missed Saturday's hearing.

    Yesterday (April 4), Judge Ronald found Knight innocent of contempt of court at a hearing regarding the bankruptcy filing.

    "For the last few years there's been a stigma attached to Death Row," Knight told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "People like the Harris' have been coming out of the woodwork and it's been like a dark cloud hanging over me. I've decided that I'm serving Death Row its last meal. I'm setting a new table."

    Knight's attorneys also stated they plan on filing a motion against the Harris' and their attorneys for undisclosed violations of federal bankruptcy law.

    just thought i'd share this news........

  5. btw wessyde....ive got the new bizzy album My Story....and i think its a soild effort, some nice lyrics, and some very nice production....especially the track "One Time"......he also remakes Eazy's "We Want Eazy" track as well in the form of "Bizzy's Story"

    my rating 7/10

    yo Def, i gotta say that Bizzy's album sucked! the track One Time was the best on it, that was good. i know you're a big BTNH fan cuz ive seen them in your sig. the other 2 Bizzy albums that i have which are Heavenz Movie and Alpha and Omega were WAY better than this. also that Layzie + Young Noble album was average. all this new stuff on Real Talk Ent records with the Outlawz kinda sucks. it kinda dissapoints me too cuz i like BTNH and the Outlawz a lot but i think they could do way better than they are right now.

    i can understand your dissapointment with this album, and i also know many other people that think this album sucks. I myself would love bizzy to rap like the brilliant Heaven'z movie era or The Gift <--- that is one album you have to listen to if you haven't yet, but i know bizzy won't go back to that style and am not hanging on to glimpses of his past efforts and recordings so i just rate his newer albums like standalone albums, as if HM and TG are non existant. Bizzy has come a long way since them albums and not for the better, but TS grew on me after some listens even though it sounds like he's freestyling through all his verses, as did TR....but thank god that was more recent as you can tell he put more effort into it (although the beats were wack) so yeah i stick by that rating.....but like every other BTNH fan i wish he would go back to his best

    but onto more positive things...Bone thugs new album will drop this year and they will hopefully do well with swizz beatz backing them...and krayzie bone's working his ass off tryin to promote BTNH like hell which is good....KB beat B-real in the first match of the HHGL as well!!

    Also it looks like Vibe are givin LL some love with his new album....and i honestly can't wait for Todd Smith to drop..11th April right? im not going to download it though im just going to buy it in the shop, man i cant wait!!!!!!Im so excited!!!!!!!

  6. i agree with mostly everyone in this thread when they say that LL is not going to rap like he used to anymore, and from the tracks ive heard i should think that this album is gonna be dope!

    definetely going to buy this when it comes out next tuesday, just like ive bought his others, and i can't wait to hear some new music from LL!!!!!

    btw wessyde....ive got the new bizzy album My Story....and i think its a soild effort, some nice lyrics, and some very nice production....especially the track "One Time"......he also remakes Eazy's "We Want Eazy" track as well in the form of "Bizzy's Story"

    my rating 7/10

  7. well most of the time people do drive safely, yeah and they have speed cameras in certain places/roads and if you get caught speeding by one of these then you get points on your licence, i cant remeber how many though

    but if i get 6 points over the next 2 years i have to go back to learner status

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