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  1. So then is LL an idiot and a person who doesn't know hip hop for wanting to work with him? LL Cool J wants to work with 50. LL cool J asked 50. Even if 50 asked LL, he still agreed.

    Sounds like Def Jams idea more than LL's.. I would say its a poor decision by LL to go along with it..he doesnt need to ask some1 who has released 3 albums..and is an artist..not a producer..to exec produce LL when LL has released 12 albums over 21 years..

    i would rather have Marley Marl do it..........

  2. yeah im upset about it just as much as you lot, but im just lookin forward to hopefully some new material, from just LL, and i hope theres not to much 50 on it cause i cant stand the guy. But if LL says it will help him go back to his roots a little bit, im hoping for a more mama said knock you out type/feel album as hes already done a lot of soft stuff with Todd Smith

    so im hoping its not bad, and hey at least us LL fans get new material really soon, hell i wasnt expecting anything for another 2 years or somethin

  3. yeah thats just the kind of player he is though, so you know you cant change that...its like hes on the sidelines and then he appears out of nowhere to score a goal! i remember watchin him when bierhoff was playin, they made a good team but i havent heard anything about him in ages (apart from now)

  4. can some one plz upload Bustas new song i love my chick

    here you go triptic.....funny song, nice quality too


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