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  1. There's another "Mirror Mirror"?!! I remember there's a "Mirror Mirror" on "10"...

    yeah theres an japan only edition of The G.O.A.T and on there theres 3 unreleased tracks one includin mirror mirror, but as 10 came out in 2002, the one on that is newer and much different, i like the G.O.A.T version better

  2. theres this bone thugs n harmony forum i go to...as i am a bone fan, and this one person makes a topic sayin how are they gonna play will smith over bone, and hatin on JJFP and stuff

    but the responses all showed bone thugs fans sayin how JJFP have done so much for hip-hop and show them some respect to the ass who started the thread!!!

    I jus wanted to share this with you because it was nice to see many people love JJFP over there and they know the same as us...JJFP deserve a place in hip-hop history

    if ur a member chek it out for yourselves:


  3. i was jus lookin at the japan edition of The G.O.A.T....and realised it has 3 extra tracks which were exclusive to japan!! i was wondering if anyone on here has these tracks, or if they have heard 'em and if their any good....cause i already have the UK one and i dont want to spend an extra £20 for 3 tracks

  4. BRAZIL...all the way....c'mon, ive been supporting them since i was really young, my uncle got me into them, hes been a fan for as long as he can remember....he still remembers the 1970 world cup, i still the remember the horrible incidents of the 1998 world cup

    dude, you from the UK and you're supporting Brazil!? You not from England? :stickpoke:

    nah i moved here about 12 years ago.......i lived in India before that for about 6 years, im a sikh so im still with my culture and stuff but then we moved here because all my mums family came over and you know, but we go back to India for about 4 weeks every year...to see my dads family....man i just wish the indian national team were actually good at football...my dads friend used to play for the national team and im better than him!

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