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  1. Well Angel Armor, that isnt true, because Will doesn't flow like he flowed back in the 80's.(ofcourse he doesn't if he still did that nobody would want to listen to his music at all.) And the thing is, Wills flow is verry versitile on this album, it changes all the time, and I think thats cool. But sometimes its just seriously flowing like another person. And that doesn't have to do with ONLY the beat; In the lines: "its the groovaside bomber....." he sounds excacly like Ludacris, while in other parts on the same beat he doesnt. And Max, I don't think you should take the guy to serious, he just isn't a Will Smith fan and ofcourse he isnt going to watch our feelings, he just over exageratesa little, to make a stronger point. And even if he doesn't....Who cares, its not like hes messing with Wills god given right to be liked by everyone. And anyway (omg I didnt mean anyuthing by quoting tthose lines but they are just sooo dope)
  2. Ok, people just so you know Eskimos kick ass They live in just ice and snow and all they do all day is fish. Besides they have to put things into the fridge so keep it from freezing! :hilarious: And furthermore Eskimos chicks are so sexy:
  3. Ghost writers (blabla co writers blablabla) are for sissies, we should kidnap wills aunt and tell him hes not getting her back until he startes writing everything himself.
  4. What do you think? shouldn't all americans and all the other insignicifant people be punched straight in the face for not using the metric system? I mean its so simple; 1 meter is 10 dm is 100 cm is 1000 mm and 0.01 KM. same goes for liters, kilos and such. Lessen the weight on your shoulders! use the metric system!
  5. Well for starters, he does sound like eminem sometimes. And he does flow like some other people as well. We could all act like he doesn’t but lets just be adults here and accept the truth. I mean there is a reason everyone is saying it, that reason being that it is true. And you can all go on and say you think he doesn't sound like other people, because I can't check what you hear, but I know what I hear, and apperently alot of other people do to.
  6. LOOOOOL Fugees album the score sold 18 milion copies wolrd wide, its the most succesfull album by a rap act. Wyclef had lots of hits, and Lauryin hill is one of the most succesfull female rappers ever. The misedjucation of lauryin hill sold like 9 milion and got her loads of grammies. EVERYONE KNOWS THE FUGEES
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