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  1. when carlton helps lisa trick will into going to the cabin for a sorority prank:::: will: "....yeah? ...well, im gonna POP that lil zit when i get home." or... calton: "im gonna beat your butt!" will: "what are you gonna do? just up and down and hit your head against it?" and lastly..... will: and this, is my brother carlton. he knows we cant afford bigger clothes, so he just - doesnt - grow! carlton: ..daddyyyyy, i wanna growwwwww!!! :lol:
  2. hahahahaha. just thought i would share this with you guys.... http://s34.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3J9HKR4...QQ19EJ6HXRX2OX6 enjoy!!! its definitely one of my favorite fresh prince moments!! :1-say-yes:
  3. this thrills me beyond belief. thanks for sharing!
  4. Sorry if this is old to some of you, but I didnt see it on the board anywhere. March 06, 2005 Will Smith came to the creators of this show and My Wife & Kids show to announce a proposition about a spin-off of Fresh Prince about Will grown up and married with kids. This would be awesome if it happened. They would most likely have camios of everyone from the original show. -- I'll let you know if I hear more. -- Maybe DVD sales went better than expected??? :wiggle: The source: http://www.tvtome.com/FreshPrinceofBelAir/
  5. 5th?? wow. thats incredible. the only cool parts was when will danced at the end and when he was all smooth in the pool hall. hahahhahaa. thats awesome though... go will, go money... go will... go money... hahha.
  6. mirror mirror on the wall, jean claude van DAYUMMMMM, im fine!! thats only one of the many. but lets hear yours!!!! :switch:
  7. yeah... i run my own fresh prince community. but i was fortunate enough to be a potna. awesome. and thanks for the warm welcome. this website is off the hizz, -- yeah, im a dork. i give you fair warning. :peace:
  8. i'd have to say soul train, and the oprah episode.
  9. thats the official word! Hey thanks for the info. Damnnn thats a long wait! Guess i'll just have to keep watchin' Nick @ Nite till then, to get my fix in. haha.
  10. Anyone know when this is coming out?
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