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  1. Mmm...I have to choose between Summertime and Gettin Jiggy...Dunno! :peace:
  2. Cool stories everyone!! :afro: That was a long time ago for me, cant remember, but I know that my brother and I have been absolute Will fans since FPOBA, spent days listening to the big willie cd, and also trying to convert every people we met, like "YES, Will is a singer, and YES, he's really cool..." LOL... Actually that was quite a success...LOOL... We had, if I remember correctly, some of the first albums on tapes that friends gave to us...After, we bought the cd´s (my Brother has part of them, I have the other half :D), and that was it, fans till the end of time!
  3. LOOOL... Yeah so typical...Im sure most of the people think like this!!! They should give the CD under another name LOOL...Maybe he would get better review, not BEING Will...Wait, thats stupid, we know hes talented, and the people who cant make honest reviews just because they think "its Will, its not worth it", are just really stupid, and totally narrow minded... BTW Ive read a lot of good reviews on amazon.com...Maybe all the people on amazon come from here, but hes 4 stars on 5 wich is pretty good!!!
  4. because I was so full of stuff and clothes, and I exported most of my cd's in MP3, so I have Big willie, some songs from the best of on MP3 cds and that's all... Im a good girl, I cant leave without my music, its just NOT on cd :D, but I have them in France ;)
  5. Because in Denmark there is this AMAZING 3d animation school, where Im currently making this excellent intensive training course....LOL!!! I already finished my studies in France, but I decided to take a step further and get some new skills ;)
  6. Not cool for people like me who are currently studying outside their country, my cd's are in France, and Im at the opposite part of Denmark...Im gonna have to wait for 4 months before having this "right"... :sad6:
  7. The rapreviews.com was the most honest and attuned to what the album is... I was worried when I read that a new album was coming, because last one has been, well...its the last one, lets try to forget it LOL...But I was hopeful too, I love Will old school style, and friendly rap, and I wanted to hear some new good sounds!!! I was nicely surprised and relieved when hearing 30s of every track on msn, the album is really cool, no way that you can hate it, or dislike it, maybe dont like Will´s style, but its GOOD! And Im glad that a website called rapreviews gives this kind of review...LOL!! Thats a good sign for everyone :D :afro:
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