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  1. hey sorry just saw this topic. but the thing is, no matter how much music may need him, he doesn't need the music. its become quite clear since his movie career has grown and his music career has declined that he is an actor/rapper, not a rapper/actor. acting comes first. it kind of pissed me off to see him promoting lost and found and talking about how he felt like he was the rapper lost in the actor, then a few months later see him promoting pursuit of happyness and pretty much downplaying the whole rap aspect at all, pretty much saying, yeah i played with that agian but now its back to the art of acting blah blah.
  2. Yeah I just found the profile and I thought that was weird. The only connection I could make is +44 is on Interscope too, but that doesn't explain blink. Or why The Game is number 1 or why The Game is listed as his only influence, or why Let's Ride is one of his songs. And it was cool to see +44 and blink on there because blink's my favorite band and +44 is the next best thing now. Oh yeahz.
  3. i have it on tape, i'm waiting until they replay it in a week or so so i can tivo it then capture it onto my pc and upload it on yousendit for my site. it was a good one though.
  4. i know that on 'who am i' mc lyte says 'ass' and its censored, but will says it atleast twice that i can think of on lost and found, uncensored. and piss is in there atleast once. i think he is letting teh curses slide a little. but it's not the every other word is bleeped out on the radio and videos like you see in most rap songs now adays, so it's all good. i probably respect will more than any other man in the world, and thats partially why.
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