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    Illmatic got a reaction from Ale in Review:DJ JAZZY JEFF 3rd OCTOBER IN MADRID-JOY ESLAVA   
    Indeed it was a great show. Thank god for this forum or I would have completely missed it...
    As for me and my friend, we couldn't get into the show via the guestlist, apparently we were not in the damn list, but anyway. I had a hell of a time.

    Here's one of the flyers of the show, and a pic and a couple of videos.

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    Illmatic got a reaction from Ale in To the Spanish Fans!   
    I'm definitely going... it may be in the middle of the week, but heck, not everyday Jeff comes to Madrid :D

    Thank you for sharing!
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    Illmatic reacted to JumpinJack AJ in Will hinting at a new flick on his fb page...   
    I hope his new movie is an album.
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    Illmatic got a reaction from Typhoon20 in Will Smith is a f-cking scum bag! [VIDEO EVIDENCE]   
    Lol. Thank you for the video, that's all I can say.
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