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  1. [quote=Perry,Sep 24 2004, 08:03 PM][quote=Restless,Sep 24 2004, 07:43 PM] cool thanks, can someone send me that episode? www.yousendit.com[/quote] This whole thread is about where to download them from at IRC channels... [/quote] oh yea, sorry :( , i didnt think the irc thing has all the episodes, but ill check after i get off work :)
  2. cool thanks, can someone send me that episode? www.yousendit.com
  3. anyone else want one?i got a few :D
  4. Hey i just checked in, and i guess im a little late, but are episodes still available for download? i really want that one emotional episode where will's dad comes back, and then leaves him again. very emotional. anyone know that name of the episode and season #? and can i access this irc thing through mIRC? thanks let me know ;)
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