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  1. #1 TMZ is saying (ugh, that hurt to type) that Rock hasn't spoken with Will at all. So I'll let the dust settle. Also to your point - quoted above - I ran Saturday before all this mess and on my usual route, in Philly, I listened to a mix of Homebase + He's the DJ + (for kicks) Will remix with Joyner Lucas. Pure bliss. I miss getting to look forward to new music from Will.
  2. "bob" here (haven't gone by that in a long, long time) - couldn't figure out my password from when I joined as a 17/18 year old, now as a 34 married father of one (with another on the way).... I will say I'm heartened by the statements above - I think anyone wouldn't be surprised if a fan forum found a way to justify Will's actions, but I see a lot of wisdom in Hero1 and AJ's comments. (What else would I expect!) I was just gutted by Will's actions. If he really wanted to make an impression on the right note, for the right reason, he would have left after that joke. It's easy for me to say "Oh, just let it go, and move on." His absence for an acceptance speech would have spoke louder than any sound of a smack or yelling obscenities from the crowd afterwards. He should have learned from his younger self when he didn't do the grammy's and won the first ever rap grammy. Violence, demonstrations of might, belief you can take things into your own hands - all are hallmarks of lesser men, not representations of true honor.
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