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  1. semi - translation - well in the first bold paragraph they are talking about the big hit movie and the money in the first 3 days, on the second they say that Will is one of the most popular starts in the world and even in Israel since the FPOBA and the movies he made on the start of the left side of the article they talking about that "good" part that they hate to on the 4th they say made the people in the internet be shocked and raged and fans showed disappointment, the Jewish community that have power in Hollywood don't take it for granted and forgivingness, then they are comparing him to Mel Gibson and his nonsense talking about Jewish people in the last paragraph they wrote that Wil l wanted to be the first BLACK president in the USA, and now it will make him trouble. in the lil font near his pic "not anymore fresh prince" - Will Smith - Last week _______________________ what I think from now that it 3 things : 1. Will have to apologize for the things he said- most rational thing to do that my community forgive him. 2. Will will have to compare his speech to the black community on the slavery - I don't think he will go that far. 3. ignore it and continue his day - that will co's him a lot of damage in the future.
  2. I woke up early in the morning to go to the police (the place I work) and Look what I see in the back if the headline of the popular paper in Israel. well I know u don't know Hebrew but they are talking not nice to him alto I don't accept with you guys I'll try to protect my hero as much as I can! but he made a real big mess... as you can see it very big article and he don't get out nice from that story. I got to run to work now, sorry talk to ya later. BTY it's just 3 days b4 the big premier of IAM.
  3. :shakehead: :shakehead: You keep saying you understand but if you really did you would know that ALL OF US think Hitler's intentions were NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD NOT GOOD. You are putting words in our mouth. If you think what he thinks so what he thought is what you are thinking!!! :muahaha: :haha:
  4. LOL you got me now confused that I'm writing it on a paper to see the differences... If you think Hitler intention were good so it is obvious that you think the Hitler thought that his intentions were good... you think what he thinks... (well thought) that mean that you think his intentions were good! :-) or I understand or I got you more confused...
  5. so you personally thinks that Hitler intentions were good?
  6. you think that Hitler thinks that enough for me... when Iran will come to destroy my county and I will die in the battle please make an appreciation thread to me :-( promise?
  7. I already understand that you understand that I understand that you understand that I understand that now when we ended that part can you read again what that I said? all of these scenarios are not pointless co's I understand what you are saying and you miss my point... I want to take your mind between the words. how can you say to a person that his relative was killed that the killer had good intentions??? that what I'm asking you. can you hear yourself? I'm telling you he killed all my family and you are saying "well yes, but he wanted to save Germany and his intentions was good but just the plane was not good, if his mommy had been breast feed his then may be my people were saved today" that's horrible thing to say... there was no way! he saw us as enemy's for nothing! NOTHING!!! he couldn't been programed better you can't program a killer not every one born to be nice there are good people and bad, look at your high school\place of work, pick the one you hate the most, can you change him? may be even his parent are messed up like him.
  8. well yes and no... there are kids that just got board and find what to do... I saw that movie with justin alpha dog... based on a real story and they had great life and still killed but I think kid needs love and caring anyway... now I want to play (lol), let's say some one killed your familly and you were just left alone in the world and no 1 cares for you, do you really want to hear that the man who killed you parents was a good man? or you know what? not good but his intention were good or something even close to good? honestly? or they will say his name and the peaple you expect to support to not even think on that horrible connection are even arguing with you. (it is a long question I know) I really love you all alot and you are wonderfull and I came back to this board after a year and to bad I have to come back to argue on that kind of stuff and not having time to talk on WS...
  9. I let's talk on this phrase o.k? so you think that understanding the way they thought they will solve the problem by evil in there own "good" way will be the key to successes? I think if we end there way of thinking from the beginning and we denunciate them from the rationale world they will not harm us anymore... sadly that's what happened in the Holocaust that the UK had air photos of people getting killed and ignored them. but I think if international force will come and stop that mess by stopping the "bad" guys that what will make the killing stop, your talking on "bad" "good" and lets sit and decide until you will make up your mind you will find only body's sadly but true. and I'm sorry my English is a lil rough, it's easier for me to talk then to write, and I speak Hebrew, Arabic, English and lil bit of Russian and just here you are arguing like i'm exceptional, look at the comments in the WS article and see that even one of them talked on the slavers.
  10. Man, there must be a language issue here or something, because you're seriously not understanding what people are saying. Hitler was not good, Hitler thought he was good. Those ware two very different things. hahaha EXACTLY...thats what Big Willie has posted 80million times in clear english, so it must be some kind of language misundertanding. you are writing it million of times and I read and you don't read what I'm writing... that what makes me sad... I wrote that I don't care what Hitler himself thought... what matters is the society to see that he was bad... what was written that Hitler intentions was good but the way was wrong, but see that it didn't one morning woke up and saw that the way was evil, but he planed it carefully and the way to achieve it was wrong from the base. Like getting money (by killing) do sport (by hitting week guy) sandy : let's talk about university that the dude came with guns and killed alot of people, he was mentally ill 2 right? but he was a bad person? I say yes. what you are saying? your answer by what I see it's probobly no... defcem : I don't want to go into the historical facts again but I've been in Poland, BTW Hitler haven't killed the Jews on German land co's he didn't want the country to be dirty with Jewish blood. I understand the English and I wellcom you to go deeper then the simple sentences on the surface BigWillie : I didn't mean to shut you up, sorry if you thought that way Let's quote you : "2, no it wouldn't make you a good person. But if you saw nothing wrong with you're actions you'd think you we're doing good." there is no BUTs - that what I wrote million times - if yiu think that there's wrong things that mean that the other person is a killer\murderer\evil. I answered everybody?
  11. just write yes or no. that it... so I'm a good person if I kill co's I think that why right? I want to hear white actor that will say that the slyavory of black foldks was good to the farmers, all of the US will blow her self... right?
  12. so you agree with that phrase? that every 1 is good? so if I kill for 20$ is o.k co's I need the money for drugs. so I'm good to myself. just write yes or no, that's it.
  13. I disagree MaxFly, Labealing Hitler and Kosovo and etc'... as evil is just justice, that we accnollage that thous horrible acts can NOT be returned and in the opposite, when YOU ALL say that we have to analyze his thoughts that they were good from the beginning there's lies the danger that I'm being such "PRONOIED" of it, and yes this is important to me! you all keep saying the same thing that Hitler did it for "good" and I think not (read the reasons y in the other posts - co's u read and don't understand) Typhoon20 gave the example of 9/11 if we will see that Bin Laden was doing good to his people and to him self we will have to show mercy on him after a lot of innocent people died and this is MaxFly is Irresponsible! simply accnolage that Hitler=bad and I don't really give a Da*m of if it was good to any1 that's why that all article is just dangerous to me and all the Jews that live here and abroad. I'm take it a lil bit further co's I know that, this is the why it's starts, first you accept things then you sit at home while every one trying to kill small group of poeple. and I won't let it happen in this board that based on love and good people.
  14. Ok I know that you are defcem, I asked the other to ask you. now, you want to tell me the the burning of the richstage haven't cosed panic? or u think the cumusnists did it? 4000 leaders were captured and "diapers", he tech people to hate and kill just by giving them some1 else to hate... there was no freedom of speech or press. Jews and Arabs are from the Semitic Race that means by naztis that if u don't have blond hair and blue eyes so u are not Aryan and you are probably going to die...and Hitler killed the Arabs in Germany if you knew or not, not by judging the way he treated other country's like Achminigad go to USA... Of curse he believe the stuff he said, he even wrote them down on his book just to give him the ammount of power to control the world... He forced the German people to support him... may be the girls loved him but if your neighboor heard u taking not good on the government tomorrow no1 will hear from you.
  15. alto Hitler and his army killed millions of Russian and "traitors" and Arabs and Gטpsis, u see we as "Jews" were his "Problem" that's how he called us, rats, believe me I saw all the movies and read all the articles, he didn't really want to build Germany, he wanted to destroy the world to make him self the king of the world, he put fear in his citizens and teach them why they should spit on Jews and kick them... that's why I can't let this happen again, Hitler done alot of terrible stuff and you can ask DefCem how organized he was to make everything to be prefect to solve the "Problem"... If you saw the movies you probably know that Hitler himself didn't believed that he was good... and yeah we really a kill Christian kid and take his blood to make food, come on, he brainwashed all the country with falls story's to unite against the dangerous "JEW" with the big nose and evil face... do you know that just this yeah (2007) we turn to be 6,000,000 again in Israel? just now... and if u say that the president of USA is evil as Hitler I think u have some issues man... go to the website I put and read again...
  16. belive me that my people made a deep research on it... we know it from his speeches (who said Iran? yeah no1... co's there leader is thinking on good things) we know it from his art, and from the commands that he gave and even from closed doors talks that he wanted to do bad... I hope that after you said and we agreed that all of that stuff was wrong you will understand that what Will said allegedly is wrong and needs to be condemned. I want JJFP.COM officially condemned the article of what WS allegedly said... tell us that you don't support that kind of talking... that's not the kind of words that I want to hear from my childhood hero!
  17. ok and I asked u a question already before and u haven't answered me, for who Hitler made good? don't u think that if a soldier will go to his commander and tell his that they killed 130,000 people today. don't you think he know he is the bad guy? he knew it and accept it... (come on more 40 msgs :-) ) all the world hates u and people want to kill you, that doesn't ring a bell?
  18. Well u are a lot of people that write and read and I understand. I'm just 1 user and u don't even read and understand ME... ohh so we don't need to forgive him, so by the society he is a bad man, that it! I don't care that by himself he is good co's that isn't true a man who is killing innocent people knows he is bad... that can solve all the killers problems... let's continue, so what you are saying? let's continue... u think that we need to forgive a man what who killed another young dude just for parking spot? or 20$ Bill? I want to prove that what that the article said is BAD=Bad there is not good in his mind=bad for society.
  19. O.k. so if he is really mentally ill like I said and u agreed so we should forgive him and forget... right? Come on... it's was just 1 big mistake... not much...
  20. so don't back it up!!!!!!!!!! Hitler=BAD BAD BAD in every way there is... not on his mind not in your mind not in NO MIND... Hitler = Bad... what Will said = Bad... that's how the world is separated for good and bad... there is no conflict in that article... that's a terrible thing to say!
  21. ok again that word "good", good for who? so u can say everything is good? even kill an old dude in the street and shot him co's I want his money?
  22. No... sorry that I'm going with my head to the wall but I want you to understand that, that thing woke up in the morning not to do good even in his sick twisted mind... he wanted to do bad things to minoritys to do only the "good" (word that u like) just to himself! you can go read his book to see that the twisted mind of his is not for being to good to Germany is that to "clean" the place from minorities and traitor...
  23. that's not good... I hope they will release it soon, I'm in the middle of the 3rd season and I enjoy every minute of it.
  24. at least we already have 1 nomination that's already good...
  25. so what you are sain' that Greoge W. bush is evil like Hitler? and Stalin is worse then Hitler???
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