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  1. "ViolenCCCe Ain't Tha An$wer" :shakehead: but right now, we dont really have a choice :mikelowery:
  2. actually nah, im out, coz im 2 busy
  3. A’ight.... i guess im in!
  4. Thanks guys 4 answering my question :lolsign:
  5. sweet song :speaker1: :speaker1:
  6. I thought it was dope. But, thats just me.
  7. The one thing I never got, was why Will says the S-word, and others in his movies, but not in his songs. What's with that? I mean, why does he care about saying it in his songs, but not in his movies? Is it because he doesn't want the PA sticker on it? Or just because he just does't like to? Feedback please :stickpoke:
  8. hey ive never seen it before :shakehead:
  9. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - The Next Episode
  10. Dre - Chevey Ridin' High (Music Video)
  11. Yo, i'm sure a lot of people have TVz by their computer so dats why I made dis topic. :2thumbs: DVD - Shark Tale (Will Smith)
  12. That waz great J-o-e! Really good emotion on dat one!
  13. dis waz a fun song 2 do! btw... thankz 4 da comments y`all! anyone elze???
  14. thanks 4 the reply dood! well, i kinda wanted it 2 be difrent then normal, wit 3 CCCs. Like U can C the bullets, C the emotion, and C the passion. Somethin` like dat. BUT i neva realy thought about it, just did it
  15. Mi$ta Money - ViolenCCCe Ain't Tha An$wer (Mi$ta Money) Bullets, being shot for no reason// Like tha seige of Troy, that treason// Knives bein' thrown, bl00d getting spilled// U & I no those people shouldn't have been killed// Playin' violent games, that's what floods their minds// It's like they posined 'em by puttin' it in their coffe grinds// On tha newz all day, you hear people dying// I know you know it ain't good, so stop lying// Violencce Ain't Tha Answer, brotha keep it truce wit yo' friends// And I won't have to teach you all the d*mn lessons// World War III wouldn't be good, so stop killlingg // You dont want that, so please be very willing// Money isn't tha answer to everything, U can't buy life// I dont wanna die, I someday want to have a wife// Dude you gotta know what you are saying// Nah, man why would you even think Im playin'// Take it from me, don't create the fight// Just stick to your heart, then you'll know whats right// [Chorus] Violencce, causer of the wars today// Guns, killers of many people today// Do somethin' about it, go out & Say// Stop wit' all tha killlingg, aye?// Violencce Ain't Tha Answer\\ We're doin' our best, but they dont care// You don't need 2 tell me that it ain't fair// BOOM DESTORY EVERBODY IN THA ROOM!// Yeah and sure dont forget the BROOM// It makes me so freakin'' mad, why U shoot dat guy// Just tell me the d*mn answer, tell me why// Lies, despute, violencce, this is what let u 2 do this// Tha dude you just shot will be very missed// Gangsta rap also lead U 2 do so, why u listenin' to dat crap// If I could, I would have it agaist the law 2 have dat rap// Dis is tha rap game, not a violencce triangle// These new horror movies, are dreadful// 29,000 kids die everyday of hunger// At this place, and this time, im glad i aint younger// War cant be stopped, it's just a clash of destruction// We can re-build the world wit da help of construction// [Chorus x 2 fade...]
  16. @ Renagay Boy, Y U suckin' on ur mama`z t*t? While I`ve been recordin` my 31st hit! U`ve been dumped by every record place Cause yo style, lyrics, and yo ugly face
  17. oh :noooo: !!!!!!! i didnt mean dat at all, typo, sorry yall. :thumbsup:
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