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  1. just was very excited with all those rumors about KG coming to LA, os I made this one
  2. I added all of you guys. here's my page
  3. uh ok. mods feel free to lock this one
  4. so do you use myspace.com? check my page out, I wanted it to look like clublakers.com www.myspace.com/fridman add me if you want to
  5. very good song. I really like it. hope to see some new stuff from you :speaker1:
  6. girlfriend Michael Vick or Terrell Owens?
  7. it's my physics test. if you can read russian you can actually read my real name there.... kbfprince, post your pic :gettinjiggywitit:
  8. so.. I'm 16, I live in Latvia, I'm a student, also I am a Lakers fan :yeah: :shrug: that's basically all info about me :worried:
  9. GO LAKERS!!! yeah, heat has alot of great players, but I think they will have some problems with putting them together. too many egos on 1 team :noooo:
  10. Lebrons Air Force One or Adidas Superstar shoes?
  11. anyway... LL Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg?
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