DJ Jazzy Jeff & Rakim working on new album

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Rakim in the studio
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Rakim recording together

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Rakim, just performed together in L.A. and Las Vegas over the weekend where they revealed they are working on a new album. They were in the studio a couple of months ago, as revealed on Jazzy Jeff’s Instagram. Charlie Mac also seemed excited by the collaboration.

Charlie Mac visiting Rakim and DJ Jazzy Jeff in the studio

When arguably the greatest MC and the greatest DJ team up for a new album you know it is going to be fire.

It looks like Will Smith has given up on releasing a new album, his last release was 2005’s, “Lost and Found,” so it makes sense for Jeff to collaborate with one of the best on the mic.

Rakim, the God MC recently told the NY Post, “I’d battle anybody, man. Every day I wake up and I still feel that I’m the baddest brother to ever touch a microphone. No disrespect to nobody. But if I don’t feel like that, then I’m slipping.”

Rakim is 53 years old and Jazzy Jeff is 56 years old. They’ve known each other for over 35 years.

Eric B & Rakim and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince used to tour and do shows together in 1986 so it makes sense for them to finally team up for some music.

Hip-Hop currently seems very ageist as compared to rock artists who have stations, shows and constantly tour with their classic records as they grow older. This album from Jeff and Rakim may be exactly what hip-hop needs. For those who don’t want to listen to young rappers and their mumble rap, with no skills on the mic and no lyrical talent, Rakim and Jazzy Jeff could probably lay down an album to save hip-hop.

Adult hip-hop is needed for those who grew up on emcees and DJ’s with skill and talent. Many older fans are dying to hear something new that is meaningful and respects the artform.

As Rakim and Jeff continue to tour and perform we can only hope the album is released before the end of the year. This is exactly what hip hop, and old-school hip-hop needs. New music from two absolute legends of the game.


  1. i wouldn’t be surprised if will smith does a guest appearance, rakim is the man, also when it comes to will smith basically all of his guest appearances and singles since lost and found have been viral, even though there hasn’t been an album since 2005 i don’t think that the artist formally known as the fresh prince is slipping musically, there’s quality over quanity. a lot of artists release release a lot of material and a lot of it is garbage, btw rakim hasn’t released a ton of albums either and he proved with the seventh seal after 11 years between 99 and 2010 that he could come back even stronger, that was one of his best material and now that was 11 years ago now too, but like will smith rakim is a hip hop legend and i believe that he’ll prove he’s the master of the game once again. btw i believe if any 80s/90s legend comes back to the game they could still hit hard quality over quanity remember, even kid n play released their face the nation 30 years ago in 91 but if they dropped another album and toured tomorrow they’d come back big, legends never slip.

  2. Will does need to be on this album simply because with this album it will show that Jeff let Rakim be Rakim unlike when Rakim was with dr Dre on the aftermath label and the album was name oh my god with dj premier and Dre to do the production and Dre played them

  3. Being 54 years of age, i started listening to rap music when i was much younger, up till today i listen basically everyday to the old school music. The mumble stuff is not my thing and it will never be !!
    Thankfully there are still the real artists like KRS-ONE, Public Enemy and few more that keep up the real vibe of the hip-hop culture. I can’t wait till an album from this collaboration is coming out !!
    Respect is due to all those who deserve it.. As KRS-ONE said it “Rap is something you do, hip-hop is something you live”. Peace !!

  4. Rakim and dj jazzy Jeff together should make a iconic hip hop album and it seriously should be better than what dr dre so called did for Rakim l


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