Is Will Smith’s movie career over after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars?

Will Smith crying at the Oscars

Will Smith’s movie career is hanging by a thread right now. The Academy has just released a statement saying, “the Academy may take any disciplinary action, which may include suspension and expulsion” and “Mr. Smith was asked to leave the ceremony and refused“. They will meet within 15 days to decide on the outcome but Will Smith’s movie career is in real danger of ending. Members of the Board include the elite of Hollywood including Steven Spielberg and Whoopi Goldberg so if they expel Will Smith it will be very tough for him to garner decent roles into the future.

Has Will Smith shown true remorse?

Will has made many missteps since slapping Chris Rock in front of the world which makes you wonder if he is truly remorseful for his conduct. When he accepted his award for Best Actor he apologised to “The Academy” but did not apologise to Chris Rock. This would have been a perfect opportunity to do so if he really regretted his actions. Instead of leaving the award ceremony quietly he went to an after party and was seen partying hard, singing along to “Getting Jiggy Wit it“.

Then when he issued a public apology to Chris Rock it was just a statement. This was a great chance to release a video with Will showing genuine concern for Chris and remorse for his actions but unfortunately it just read like a PR publicist crisis comms statement.

He has also refused to do any interviews and will now use the incident to go on Jada’s “Red Table Talk.” To talk about what happened on that show, without Chris Rock seems a very cynical ploy to get Jada’s show more views. That is not properly addressing the issue or meeting with Chris Rock personally to resolve it. It’s been days after the incident and Will Smith and Chris Rock have still not talked.

Jada’s shocking reaction to the slap

Damning video has just been released on TikTok showing Jada laughing after Will Smith had just assaulted Chris Rock. This new vision from directly behind Jada shows her laughing after Will had taken his seat after just committing the assault of Chris Rock.

Jada’s reaction to the slap that rocked the world

Jada’s reaction and those from his inner circle who seemed to ignore it or think it was funny shows they didn’t realise the gravity of the situation. I think the public backlash and deep concern from many actors and comedians since may have changed their mind but the nonchalant way they acted to this live assault and violence witnessed around the world did not help at all.

The Damning reaction from other actors and comedians to the slap

Jim Carrey came out very forcibly against Will’s actions, he was sickened by them.

Wanda Sykes said on the Ellen show she was grossed out by Will partying after the awards.

Will Hollywood work with Will Smith again?

It looks like the top 50 most powerful people in Hollywood are set to suspend or expel Will Smith from the Academy. If this is the case will those people ever hire Will Smith for a movie? If it was 2006 it may be very hard to cancel Will Smith, he had just had a string of 7 box office hits making more than $100 million domestically every time. Now Will Smith is 53, his best and most popular movies are behind him. He doesn’t have any young fans, so it would be a lot easier to cancel Will Smith and it wouldn’t really make a difference to Hollywood studio’s bottom line. If they want a box office draw they will hire The Rock or Ryan Reynolds.

Cancel Culture may come for Will Smith

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

There has been a history of actors and musicians careers ending after incidents like this. Janet Jackson’s career never recovered after the Superbowl. She was basically blacklisted and was never seen publicly again.

Roseanne Barr was cancelled from her own TV show and they continued on without her.

Shia Lebouf went from one of the youngest Hollywood stars to not being able to get a decent film role.

I think once the public’s perception of you shifts the people holding the purse strings are very quick to jump off.

If you did hire Will Smith for a movie how would he be able to promote it? Every interviewer is going to spend their time asking about the Oscar slap and Will and Jada’s open marriage and won’t talk about he actual project. This would be a real concern for those investing millions of dollars in a movie.

What Will Smith needs to do to save his career

I think Will Smith needs to take this very seriously. He shouldn’t make any public appearances until the Academy has handed down its decision. He needs to show complete contrition to them but also meet with Chris Rock privately, one on one, and apologise to him with genuine concern. He needs to immediately cancel his planned appearance on Red Table Talk. If he is taking this seriously, Red Table Talk can only harm himself at this point. The Red Table Talk of him after the entanglement resulted in a thousand memes and constant mockery. Even for his only mental health, that is definitely not what he needs.

He is also needs some time away to do some true personal reflection. Everyone loved Will Smith, but not the Will Smith that slapped Chris Rock. If Will can get some serious help, he has shown in the past he can comeback from anything, but the real work has to come from within himself. Until then it is probably best if he stays out of the public eye.


  1. Looks like a career ender in so many ways, and rightly so. Every bit of that display was disgusting and appalling. Smith was one of my favorite actors, now I wouldn’t pay a nickel to see him in a film and I don’t think I’m alone in that thinking and if that’s the case, it’s over for him. I believe we saw the real Will Smith that night and that’s someone I want nothing to do with let alone supporting his career. He acted like an animal. His wife isn’t much better, she did something to set Will Smith off and then laughed it off so she seems to be of dubious character as well. So long to the both of em”.

  2. I say that Will will recover from his slapping on Chris Rock, to save his career as an actor, and not to be out of the public eye in the future.


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