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Kev has just told me the video is online but as he is at another Jeff show he asked me to post it on here for everyone!! So here it is!!! The official JJFP.com interview with The Magnificent DJ Jazzy

Thanks Man. Too fiddly to do via my phone. Hope you enjoy it everyone.

All I can say is.....wow! I've been nagging Kev on facebook and twitter the last few days because I was so excited for this and couldn't wait to hear it. Kev - you uploaded it at the perfect tim

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Hey Kev when you do the 10 minute version can you do it without the music..or just use instrumentals.. id on't know if you've listened to the interview with headphones on but the other rapping in the background I found distracting.. once we have a HD 10 minute version we can try to get that on all the rap blogs etc.

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i shared this interview on facebook but i've been busy lately so i didn't get a chance to watch the whole interview until this morning while having some coffee, it's interesting that he answered my question and said that he'd be a cook if he weren't a dj, that was some incredible stuff i learned through this interview, i enjoyed every minute of it!

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Hope you enjoy it Man, I'm very happy with how it came out, just kick myself a little for not having a play around with the camera settings abit first. Lighting, Sound etc could have been better. The camera i used is more than capable and as a person with a degree in Film Making i should've been more prepared. Still, this doesn't have to be the last time we do an interview with Jeff.

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This is a great idea! Chopping it up in little highlights that will get hits and then linking it to the full interview could spread it like wild fire. I also like that you put "A Touch of Jazz" under it. The volume of the music is perfect too.

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