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Summertime 3 Intro......a Tid-Bit to the next record?

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I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine, who does remixes under the name Urban Noize and he was telling me that Will wouldn't make a comeback "this late" in his career. I disagreed and suggested what if that intro was a tidbit to new songs coming out soon in the form of a mix tape, features on other records, or even better yet, AN ALBUM!

Thoughts? can this be a tidbit to something more? or just a one time thing......

And sorry i haven't frequented here much. I originally only came here to scoop the rare tracks but seeing that i would need to be active, i would need to post more and be involved.....then college came up and that kind de-railed but i will try to be active again!

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I think this was what they were recording earlier this year. I have no more faith in a new album. For me, music in his future is going to be little pre-movie shows with his kids and an occasional half-hearted freestyle on tv interviews..

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Sup Alex.

We already know Will has recorded new tracks. [his nephew K-Smith has confirmed this on twitter]
We know he is working on a comeback album [Game producer Mars confirmed this with MTV]
we already know hes recorded some stuff with Jeff [Jeff confirmed this will allhiphop]

The question we have now is whether it will be released..and when... but Will has definitely recorded some new raps.

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