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Hmm... Let these do the talking! Notice it is predicted to run almost straight into Northern Scotland... :eek4:


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Last Friday there waz a tornados touching down in my area. I waz driving 2 the next city in the middle of it. My friends were telling me 2 stay home but i had plans that i wazn't cancelling. They kept calling me on my cell telling me about the tornados but i waz like "whatever...no big deal...i got this...etc" At one point, i looked 2 my left and huge, dark, werid-looking clump of clouds waz a few miles away from me. I just kept saying "oh crap" and looking out the side of my window...ha ha. I waz doing like 80 miles and hour in the pouring rain just tryna get 2 the next city b4 my car got snatched up off the road.
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