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hero1 - thanks for my life

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awesome tim, you da man, thanks for the shoutout homie, peace

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Nice video man but I kept trying to listen for my shoutout but your accent is so thick LOL what exactly did you say for me?

Thats an awesome hoodie by the way!

haha!! this is what I said:

Ben cenac/i know you got me back

an old soul, thats an old soul

filled with wisdom that takes hold

the advice that youve given/im living

and Prince be/i know you ride with me

your music is such an integral part of me

shout out to doc, continue to rock

liz i admire your will, strength and belief

Kristin, marvellous, mind unmatched

insights always there for me to catch

metal mick, compassionate, a great dad

l-dogg your success effortless as math

I’m glad that our paths have crossed

brotha kev the UK’s biggest boss

soon as I get to the UK its on

& shout out to my favourite aunty- joan


intelligent, caring, funny oh my

loz wig,potential, sweet, funny, chick

kimmie your writing really hits

Ian chase, playing those phantom drums

one of those days we had too much fun

demien d frank carter music memories

sacha the cuz that’s a pen pal overseas

Jim watched you grow up to be great

AJ Blackstock we growing at the same age

Carrie Shoop a fellow music being k

if we lived closer surely all great mates

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