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Turbo - Just The Two Of Us (with Will Smith) Korean Version

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This is on the US CD single...possibly on a few other versions. There's another version with the chorus sung in a different language. I never really listen to them tho' since I don't know what they're saying and since Sauce perfectly complimented the original. The Darkchild Remix is dope...I wish they reworked the footage of the original 2 do a video for it.

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I've been playing "Just The Two Of Us" a lot lately reminscing on all the good times me and papa have shared over the years and playing this song every father's day and jamming with papa to it has always been a treasure

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I've seen this before! I just don't remember Turbo being a part of the performance tho.' It's been years since I've seen it. I think it's pretty awkward that they are behind that scrim and are only visible during their part...LOL. This is dubbed as the Korean Version. The other alternate version is the Spanish Version featuring DLG/Dark Latin Groove. Personally, the original and remix versions are the only versions I listen to.

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