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I need more, can you help?!

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Ale, you have no idea how pumped up I was to these new discoveries. I'd like to thank you all!

Now I just have to have a CD for each of these songs!

You're welcome Josh! ;)

You might also like this!

Will Smith - 'How We Do' Freestyle (Radio 1 - Tim Westwood)


Will Smith Willywood [unreleased Music] (Props to Tim for this video)


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I totally forgot about the YouTube I made for the family until I clicked on some of those links, haha. Hearing these tracks for the first time in ages feels good, must be amazing to hear them for the first time now.

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"Chosen One" is a great song but it definately woulda sounded better if Jazzy produced it and had Rakim do a verse to it as well 'cause it got that super lyrical vibe to it, "Lost and Found" displays Fresh Prince dominating the mic but some of the production is not up to the par which is the reason what makes his earlier albums like "Code Red" and "Willenium" better to me

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