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im pretty sure he means in the mainstream.

I hope he did..

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It kinda goes both ways guys. It's how you read what Eminem said. He knows what he meant. If he was doing it to be funny, maybe he should've reworded that line. Where's everybody getting made who listened to that song. He said "F*** you too." You (as in the one reading this who listened to Eminem) Where's that attack he put on you for a second? It was a joke. He could've changed up the rhyme a little. Left out saying "so F*** him and f*** you too." Maybe just say cusses over and over in that line and rhymed with "i do". maybe Em was caught up in the moment, and others in the studio liked it, so he left it. Who knows. Seriously think about this tho, Eminem is a WHITE Rapper. Not all that highly receptive mainstream wise. Em cussed to get attention (some find it necessary and some don't). Look at his discorgraphy and lyrics. He was an angry white kid from a low home. What he said, and how said got mass attention. Same way N.W.A. did (who Em was influenced by, and one guy from that group produced for him. Believe his name is Dr. Dre) Eminem can't be that bad. He joked about gays and collab with Elton John. Easy E was gangsta and donated to charities and was invited to the White House somehow. Right off the bat, you know Eminem was comedic with "My Name Is". If anyone remembers the list of artists he thanked at one award show (i forget which one), if JJFP was in the list, drop it. And Will respond because he had his ear to the likes of us. It's a done deal now.

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