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DJ Jazzy Jeff: Smith Is 'Still the Same Will'

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Will Smith may be on top at the box office once again with Hancock, but his longtime friend and former rap partner DJ Jazzy Jeff says the success and fame hasn't gone to the Fresh Prince's head.

"He's the biggest movie star on the planet, [but] he's still the same Will – the same good guy," Jazzy Jeff, 43, tells PEOPLE. "He's just a little harder to get in touch with."

The "Parents Just Don't Understand" duo recently reunited for an impromptu show at the Hancock premiere in Hollywood.

What's the rapper's take on Smith's happy 10-year marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith?

"He's a hard worker," Jazzy Jeff said at the 33 Club Party presented by MLB.com at the Roseland Theater in New York on Sunday. "Will works like that at everything. You got to put in hard work to make relationships work and that's what he does with Jada."


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Jazzy knows best.

Thanx 4 posting! I love how they are still strong after all these years and support each other in solo interviews.

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...hence the skit on The Return of The Magnificent.

Ha I thot that skit was really funny.

Jeff: So does anybody ever ask you like, "Hey man where's Jeff at!?"

Will: Umm na....

Jeff: Really? No one?

Will: Well ...I mean like ....na.

Love that skit and the CD

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I can imagine how hard it must be getting in touch with Will, but I know that Will doesn't hesitate to get back with Jeff whenever he can...



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