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Will puts music on hold

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Well if it makes anyone feel better, Will said on Letterman that Jada is making him take 5 months off, i think he said something along the lines of he doesnt want to coz he likes to work. Maybe he will get bored and write some stuff. 5 months is a lot of time just to hang with the family and play golf.

And i think Will doesnt need to "focus" on movies, hes due to have 8 consecutive blockbuster hits, in that time he wrote 2 albums, one, lost and found, was one of his best, so he can do it.

We're all just doing guess work tho, who knows whats going on in his head.

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On the off chance Will did perform at the Mandela show. I wouldnt be pissed off for missing it anymore. It would just give me that bit of hope he will continue with music sooner rather than later/never

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