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Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III cd

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Yeah, I've been in and out the bank bit***h/

While y'all a***-h*le ni**as been on the same ****/

I flush it, and watch it go down the drain quick/

2 words you never hear, "Wayne quit"/

Cause Wayne win, and they lose/

I call them April babies, cause they fools/

And when they snooze, we up, feet up, like a parapaleguc/

Or paraplegic, I parallel park, in a red and yellow thang, old school Atlanta Hawk/

Like I'm from collipark, but I'm from holly grove/

Now all my bloods scream soo woop, and da da doe/

This is a part of Mr Carter, maybe u got that from there... real like bananna peel, lol.

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It's an awful song by an awful rapper. I can't stand the radio...are they still playing that trash?

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